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  1. Hello, I won't be at the MFC meetings, so I wanted to contribute to the flowers, so I was wondering where can I send the money?
  2. Thank you everybody!
  3. Hello, I'd like to join (would be my first meeting like this!) but I'm coming with my grandmother and my aunt, would they both be allowed at the meeting even if they are not members of the forum?
  4. Hello, I am Mary-Morgane, Mary for short. I am 20, studying English at university, I'm from Normandy. I discovered and became a Mika fan when he became a coach in The Voice, so not that long, but some years though! I think I already had an account here, but it was years ago, not understanding a word of English at that time, and I think I might have never write a word here then. I have seen him 4 times, and I am going to go to the Paris concert the 23rd October! Oh and I'm taking with me my grandma and her sister! I have made my grandma a fan too, and she always comes with me to see him. To finish, it is good to finally understand what's going on here, I'll try to participate to the forum now!! Have a good day/night.
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