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  1. Sorry it doesn't seem to be in order, but that's the part of the article where he talks about it in my previous post.
  2. Apparently it works with the Tunnelbear VPN app. If you select France and then go on France.tv website, Culturebox is streaming live. I hope this works for some of you !
  3. It is just a review of different culture shows broadcast tonight. There is a documentary on Rimbaud so they used it as a transition to Mika's concert with Good Guys
  4. Hi everyone! I was very lucky to be able to attend this special concert thanks to MFC I feel like it's the kind of events that totally deserves that I take a little bit of time to write about it. Even just for my own memories. So as was said before, when my friends and I decided we wanted to take a chance and attend whatever they were going to record that night, no one knew what we were signing for. For my part I was already too happy to know for sure that Mika would be there and I would be able to see him, even for one little song, after all these hard months. And
  5. Hello Kate, and Your message is so sweet! Although I don't post here as much as a few years back, I still feel like it's my home and I also loved the community as soon as I found it. Glad to see the spirit is not lost. Enjoy your time here!
  6. Hello and welcome to the MFC Giovanna! What a nice introduction, everyone has got their own special story, I love hearing about it. Glad to have you on board
  7. Welcome to the MFC Fabiola! Nice to meet you Hope you have a great time around here!
  8. On this post it says 'Mika to be confirmed' but he appears as confirmed on the website
  9. Mika has been rescheduled for Wednesday 14 July 2021 https://www.francofolies.fr/
  10. Hello Eman, welcome to the MFC! I'm sure you'll find all you need here. Have fun!
  11. Hello Evergreen! Welcome to the MFC, nice to meet you
  12. Salut Marwa! to the MFC! You are not alone, I'm sure you will realise that here Have fun!
  13. Bonne anniversaire :flowers2:

    1. camille*


      Thank you! :blush-anim-cl:

  14. Hi Camille


    We have a new member who doesn't seem to speak English (see  Introductions section).  Could you possibly help them?

    1. camille*


      Hello Silver, 


      Thanks for letting me know.  I've just sent him a message.

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