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  1. Hello and welcome to the MFC Giovanna! What a nice introduction, everyone has got their own special story, I love hearing about it. Glad to have you on board
  2. Welcome to the MFC Fabiola! Nice to meet you Hope you have a great time around here!
  3. On this post it says 'Mika to be confirmed' but he appears as confirmed on the website
  4. Mika has been rescheduled for Wednesday 14 July 2021
  5. camille*

    Marhaba MFC!

    Hello Eman, welcome to the MFC! I'm sure you'll find all you need here. Have fun!
  6. Hello Evergreen! Welcome to the MFC, nice to meet you
  7. Salut Marwa! to the MFC! You are not alone, I'm sure you will realise that here Have fun!
  8. Bonne anniversaire :flowers2:

    1. camille*


      Thank you! :blush-anim-cl:

  9. Hi Camille


    We have a new member who doesn't seem to speak English (see  Introductions section).  Could you possibly help them?

    1. camille*


      Hello Silver, 


      Thanks for letting me know.  I've just sent him a message.

  10. Hello Fiorella and welcome to the MFC! It's a nice thought to think that Mika also has fans in Peru Have fun here!
  11. camille*


    Welcome to the MFC Ivan, glad you joined us! Have fun around here!
  12. camille*


    Welcome to the MFC Mariam! Have fun here, and don't be shy, we're all the same
  13. Hello and welcome to the MFC Anaïs! I think we are many to feel the same way, you have found the right place Oh and these 2 Strasbourg gigs are amongst my favourites, they were particularly great! Have fun
  14. Welcome to the MFC Laurel!! What an introduction Gosh I felt like I was becoming a fan all over again just by reading it Glad you joined us! Enjoy
  15. I think it has more to do with the layout and acoustics of the venue. I don't know for Australia, but in Tours we could see him tell Tim he wanted to play it while they were still euphoric and greeting the audience. And before starting playing, it looked like he wanted to offer this last song as a 'gift'. He said it had been a while since he'd played it and he was happy to play it, and that since we were in such a beautiful theatre, he had to play something beautiful. And it was beautiful indeed, he had many of us in tears