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  1. Thanks Deb, sounds great ! You can also count Cerise, Leila and Cynthia in
  2. I think the 'me' in the subtitles has to be separated from the previous sentence : 'Free, I don't know how to be. Me, I'm not ok in my blue jeans' (as you said, it's possible in familiar French) It might not be grammatically correct but it's a literal translation of the French lyrics. BTW, I'm glad they translated 'tall' and 'small' for the first verse because this how I immediately understood it from the beginning
  3. My trip is planned now and you can definitely count me in (same for Dublin)
  4. Hi Deb! Not sure yet at what time I'll be in London on the 8th (nor in Dublin on the 10th) but I'm pretty sure I can manage to pop in. And if I come, I probably won't be on my own
  5. I have an extra ticket for Barcelona 'Les Nits de Barcelona' festival on July 17. Seated ticket, section Front, row 3, seat 8. Please PM me if interested
  6. Berlin and Lyon sold So I still have a ticket for Wolverhampton and I also have a friend selling a standing ticket for Bordeaux.
  7. 'Ringard' does mean outdated or has-been.. I'm sorry to break it to you but he does have this image from a part of the French audience. Because most of them still only know him from his 2007 hits, or more recently but still quite old now, Elle Me Dit. It's generally a description of him you would hear from people who have no clue what he is doing these days (apart from The Voice).. People who don't follow the music industry but Mika's success has been so huge in the past that they only remember that. I actually like what the journalist says, especially since probably her readers would think that way. 'You might think that about him but that's wrong'. Reestablishing the truth I also don't feel the same as you about his 'eccentricity', I really don't see it as negative but showing he is not ordinary but in a good way. I guess the 30000 tickets were actually supposed to be 3000 ? Or 30000 for the whole UK tour ? I don't know who got it wrong And about politics, for the context Libération is a left wing newspaper. An important Left political leader has refused to call Hamas a terrorist organisation so I would imagine the journalist wanted to emphasize that, although obviously she knows Mika is not a political analyst
  8. Hello ! I have 2 standing tickets for Berlin to sell, as well as a seated ticket for Lyon (Cat 1) I've also put a standing ticket for Wolverhampton on sale on Ticketmaster.co.uk Please PM me if interested
  9. Great summary @mellody , just a few more details : he says he is going to work again soon with Nick Littlemore for his English album, and that other guest Pierre III says he's actually booked to work in the studio with both Nick and Mika, which Mika has just learnt about. So he says Nick is quite unpredictable and mad in a good way About Harry Nilsson, Mika isn't the one annoyed by the fact that ppl only know 'Without You' but Harry was, because it was his biggest hit but it was another band's song. But I guess that annoys Mika too And about the round stage, I have to listen again because I kind of had the idea that this would be a B stage like he has mentioned before, but I prefer your vision very much Oh and by the looks of the photo, this interview was probably recorded on December 11
  10. Hi Eriko, it's not a French song, it's a literal translation of Relax, Take It Easy in French that Mika sang as part of a game for a listener
  11. Just popping in on the forum and I see your question, here are the notes we took at the listening party when Mika mentioned the cover : Doucement About the idea of flying over your problems. That's where the cover is from. On the cover he's not dead like some ppl seem to think nor some Italian reference he said (Padre something) but it's about the idea of daydreaming. Always be a daydreamer even when growing up.
  12. I hear 'Pas ma place' at the beginning Amazing song
  13. That's right I would translate 'too tall', I kind of understood that this song was about his complexes so that would fit.. but of course we need more context.. Friday !!
  14. Oh thank you so much for letting us know I was already delighted that he reposted the story but these words mean a lot. Thanks again MFC for organizing this beautiful gift
  15. I think you've covered it all Karin You understood right about the isolation part, I think he means that he thought the French project would exclude an international audience, but as shows abroad are sold out, he realizes it's not the case. As for Duolingo, yes there is a ranking and I find it funny that Mika seems to give so much importance to it, I barely check it myself We can sense his competitive spirit there. On the contrary, I totally relate to his obsession with dinner and planning everything around it
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