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  1. to the MFC Lindsey, have fun !
  2. Hi there! I haven't posted a report here in a while, even though I've attended a lot of gigs but I wanted to share a little bit of my feelings about this show here. It was just completely surreal to me, a dream come true to see such an engaged audience in front of Mika (and not the smallest audience on top of that!) Mika always gives his best to the audience (and I engage a lot too, you might have noticed if you've ever been next to me at a gig ) but it's not always reciprocal. Especially on this tour the audience has been mostly attentive but not loud or dancing much during Ice Cream and Jealousy, only really waking up with Relax or even Big Girl. But in Bercy, after these first 2 songs, I was already completely out of breath! And I think Mika felt the good energy right from the beginning, which promised to transform a very good show into a magical night. I can't say this gig has been my favourite because I've loved so many different other gigs of this tour, and as he said it's great that it's a big venue but the drawback is that it's such a big venue.. but I will forever remember the good vibes and love coming to and from Mika, the metaphor of this being the paper planes. Anyway, I've definitely preferred that gig to Bercy 2016, which felt for me way too calculated for TV and did not let Mika express himself on stage at his fullest. I 'recovered' quickly from Bercy 2016 but I'm still very very high from this last Bercy gig
  3. I've just sent the money for Cynthia (wiki M), Leila (lyli21) and me See you there!
  4. Welcome to the MFC What an interesting background! Very glad you joined us. Hopefully you will get to see Mika in Asia in Spring! Have fun here
  5. I have one extra ticket for this gig! Please send me a private message if interested
  6. I have one extra ticket for the LA gig at the Ace Hotel Theater on September 21st. Please send me a private message for more info if interested
  7. Hello and bienvenue Hannah! Glad you joined us, have fun!!
  8. to the MFC Amelia! It's great to know you'll see him perform very soon... but beware it can quickly become addictive! Have fun!
  9. to the MFC @Michelluuuh ! Glad you joined us, especially in these exciting times; have fun !
  10. Welcome to the MFC Carla! Have fun
  11. Hello and welcome to the MFC! Glad to see you will be able to see Mika live soon!