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  1. Welcome to the MFC What an interesting background! Very glad you joined us. Hopefully you will get to see Mika in Asia in Spring! Have fun here
  2. I have one extra ticket for this gig! Please send me a private message if interested
  3. I have one extra ticket for the LA gig at the Ace Hotel Theater on September 21st. Please send me a private message for more info if interested
  4. Hello and bienvenue Hannah! Glad you joined us, have fun!!
  5. to the MFC Amelia! It's great to know you'll see him perform very soon... but beware it can quickly become addictive! Have fun!
  6. to the MFC @Michelluuuh ! Glad you joined us, especially in these exciting times; have fun !
  7. Welcome to the MFC Carla! Have fun
  8. Bienvenue Célia! Have fun here
  9. Hello and welcome to the MFC! Glad to see you will be able to see Mika live soon!
  10. Welcome to the MFC! I'm French but not from Paris, I'm next to Lille. What gigs have you been to?
  11. Hello Florine and welcome to the MFC! You don't have to worry, everybody has their place here! We just enjoy the same passion, and you will find that a lot of Mika fans have the same kind of background as you I admit that I myself am part of a group of fans who are lucky to be able to follow Mika around quite a lot, but in the end it's just different individual Mika fans who managed to become very good friends. I hope you will be able to find that yourself. In the meantime, have fun here!!
  12. Joyeux anniversaire :flowers2: