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  1. camille*

    Hi From England!

    Welcome to the MFC Gemma It's never too late to discover Mika! Glad you joined us
  2. camille*

    Bonjour de France

    Bienvenue Marie! You have good taste in music Have fun here!
  3. camille*

    Hey Everyone! c:

    Welcome to the MFC Olivia! Have fun here 😊
  4. camille*

    Hi from a new member

    to the MFC!!
  5. camille*


    Hi and welcome to the MFC Have fun!
  6. camille*

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the MFC Ronnie Glad you joined us, have fun!
  7. camille*

    I need help!

    Welcome to the MFC Eva We will be happy to guide you on the forums whenever you need help. Have fun!
  8. camille*

    Nice to meet you!

    Welcome to the MFC! Nice to meet you too Have fun!
  9. camille*

    Fan Survey?

    Done! Waiting to hear about the results now
  10. camille*


    Welcome to the MFC Olivia! Glad to see that his contribution to the X Factor this year has brought him new fans in the UK
  11. camille*

    Mika on Telethon 2017

    L'émission dans laquelle Mika chante commence à 20h55 mais il ne passerait pas avant 22h45
  12. camille*

    Mika on Telethon 2017

    Apparently Mika should not appear before 10.45 if you don't want to have to sit through the whole show
  13. camille*

    Mika on Telethon 2017

    Does this one work for you? Ah Eriko got it first
  14. camille*

    hello !

    Welcome to the MFC Have fun!
  15. camille*


    Hello and welcome to the MFC Charlotte Regarding T-shirts, I would advise you to check Twitter, I have already seen Mika fans wanting to get rid of some merch. Good luck in your search!