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MIKA Concert in Miami tomorrow!


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I CANT GO!!!!!:blowup: I WANNA GO SOO BAD!!! I ONLY LIVE 4 HOURS AWAY BUT MY DAD SAYS ITS TOO DANGEROUS!!! :mad: take lots of pics and video for me please!! since i cant go,my friend and i are going to spend the entire day listening to, watching, and oogiling at, mika! so it should be loads of fun!! not anywhere as good as a concert but its the best we can do!

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I can't go either. I keep feeling coming up with this odd whim of, oh, say, banging my head on the desk in Mika-deprieved misery- I've restrained myself, though. For now.


Whoever gets to meet Mika, give him an extra hug for me! And maybe, y'know, suggest he pick Orlando or Jacksonville for his next Florida venue...

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