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The "special" gift basket


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Ok so this is thread for mika's self defens gift basket instead of fruit and stuff (crap) it would it will be filled with goodies like :naughty: pepper spray and flash cards with mfc approved self defens techniques:mf_rosetinted: . Pm me if your interested I thought we could each create a little booklet or falsh card on how to deal with slimy creepy men aka le leeche :shocked:

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I wonder if I can smuggle an asp from my brother...He's a police officer. :roftl:


And handcuffs! :D


Wait, that may give Jason the wrong idea...



no handcuffs,he might have pink furry attachements for them :roftl: :roftl:

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA who don't you want to kill other than Mika, Carmel? :roftl:



myself =] lol

mika fans

i generally just want to kill people who bully, are racist and mean to mika =] lol


We're the mika mafia baby :roftl:


haha thats funny, cos i needed a nickname that bagan with m, and i was going to be mika, but that was a bit obvious, so i went for mafia boss xD

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