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relax, take it easy


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hi i was wondering if anyone knew anything behind the song relax take it easy...like why he actually wrote the song and what its about...if anyone has any information please tell me...thanx!:bleh::biggrin2:

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well i think he said that he wrote it after the attacks in londen and how it was not a song about the attacks but how he thought that people showed relax or somthing like that.... bu it did have to do with the attacks in london


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yes and that's what I found on the net for this song

so he said:


Relax (Take it Easy)

I always wanted to write a dance song that wasn’t a really full dance track that felt organic. So when I came into producing Relax I made sure that most of the sounds we used were actually made by real instruments.

We used some great session musicians who had worked with Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.

And we picked up the strangest pedal combinations to get all these weird sounds.

It’s really effective . . . you can’t tell if it’s a full dance track or really laid-back. It feels a bit weird electronically.

The organicness gives a more classic field to it. So it was one of the harder tracks for me to produce, but also the most rewarding.



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