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  1. I LOVED THE GIG!!!! Especially when he spoke swedish...
  2. OMG! I didnt even know there was a "Life in cartoon motion-DVD". Does anyone know when they release it in Sweden??
  3. Tiihihih, hoppas han inte ställer in..... Då blir jag deprimerad....
  4. Linnea


    I have nothing against EMO´s, I just think they are a bit scary. I mean, they give eachother suicide tips, are cutting themselves and are dressed in black all the time... Thats how they are here in Sweden... They are also usally lissening to rock and stuff. Lissen to whatever you want to... dont need to adapd and lissen to EMO music just because you are an EMO...
  5. Hi everyone! I hope you all know that Mika is comming to Sweden (Globen) in November this year. Is anyone else but me going? ÄLSKA MIKA!!
  6. Hmmm... I think i would dress up like mika. I would wear a brown and curly wig and braces! That would be fun, tihi
  7. Happy birthday to yoooou, happy birthday to youuuuuu, happy birthday dear MIIIIIIKAAAA, happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu!!! I hope you´ll have a woderful birthday now when you´re turning 24! I wish I could sing my happy birhtday song to you instead of writing it here. But maybe this is the best thing to do cause my singingvoice is not the best:winksmiley02: ... (I just tried ...Infact, it sounds like someone is strangeling a cat when am singing:bleh: ... ...Well, anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA! LOVE U Best wishes, your Linnea.
  8. Oh no... ...I hope he´ll get better soon... Poor thing:thumbdown: KRYA PÅ DEJ MIKA
  9. I would give him a ride lesson (On horses of course! Not dirty ment ) Then we would ride in the prerie, and hajk. He would sing for me by the camp fire (Sorry for my terrible english... doing my best!)
  10. Yes, im in! Just give me the adress. I dont live in the states either, but they are showing Oprah here in Sweden too
  11. Yes, i think you're right ... ...maybe its one of his hidden talants:bleh: ...