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Mika At Glastonbury

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I haven't been on this for a while, and the reason why is because, well, I'm not or should I say wasn't as obsessed with Mika as I used to be. My daily visits to Mika Fan Club gradually dwindled, and I even stopped listening to Life In Cartoon Motion. But then I watched Mika at Glastonbury. And I <3 him again. What a brilliant performance he gave, and I loved the huge inflatable Big Girl and Lollipop Girl!!! And I saw people waving the 'Mika Fan Club' flags near the front of the crowd too- who was it that went to see Mika at Glastonbury??? :punk::mf_lustslow::roftl:

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If you check out the Glastonbury thread in the Gigs and Performances section you will find a short review I did on the way home from Glastonbury, which I'll be going into more detail later, although Lollipop may have already done a write up of her own by now, which I am eager to read myself.

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