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2007-07-07: Mika @ Oxegen Festival Ireland

Jason Murphy

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Hi Everyone!!:wink2:


Just wondering did anyone here see Mika at Oxegen last weekend? I did and was very luckly and made it up to the front row!! It was the 1st time I saw him live. He was brilliant!! Him, Scissor Sisters and The Killers were the highlights for me at the festival. Too bad he rang out of time and could not play Lollipop. My ears were killing me after it as I was right beside the speakers, but was wroth it. Also we (we Being my brother and mother who are also members here) could not see him when he went to the piano, as we were at the side. Didn`t care tough. It was funny when his big girl nearly fell.


Let me know if you were also there plaese.


P.S. Did you enjoy the mud?? LOL!!

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Hi Jason, glad you've managed to see him live, it's an amazing experience! do you know if there's any video from his performance though?

your brother and your mom are members as well? come on, tell them to come here and say 'hi'!:thumb_yello: we wanna know them!

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Yeah I saw Mika at Oxegen! he was amazing!!:mf_lustslow: i was pretty close too.. about the 3rd row, just in front of the big girl (<--check out da pic! :biggrin2: ) haha it was hilarious when he knocked it over! yeah twas a pity i couldn't see him either when he was playin da piano.. only every so often when he would stand on top of it or somethin! (stupid high stage :sneaky2: ) the crowd LOVED him tho, when everyone was bowing b4 him and he was so flattered, it was so sweet! ah i was so scared of the mud first cos i didn't want to fall over cuz im a wuss lol but got used to it after a while and kind of enjoyed it lol! scissors sisters and the killers were excellent too, i thought Muse were amazing tho, they really stood out for me, but Mika was def one of the best! :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

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