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  1. i know i only hop on every once in a while, but definitely not like i used to!! ive been great, my last year of high school, have golf and soccer and all that, boyfriend, it's my birthday, just exciting lately! how've you been!

  2. omg! haha, Sheree?! I was so confused when I saw an unread visitor message because I'm never here anymore. :naughty:

  3. I've been liking posh Dublin accents lately
  4. Twinny! Aww I don't want to make you upset! haha I haven't posted on here in over a year :o shocking eh... how've you been? :huglove:

  5. I can't get enough of this song! There are no words for how much I love it! I see some people have mentioned that his voice sounds distorted, I've noticed that there are two versions going around on youtube and in the one posted by Universal France his voice sounds perfect, whereas in some others, even in the one posted by Mikasounds the quality sounds like it was recorded off the radio or something... so don't listen to that one
  6. miss sheree

    i haven't talked to you in quite some time.

    it makes me upset!

    i miss my twin! :3

  7. Last night I had a dream that I went to see Mika on some French TV show he was making an appearance on. The show was called "Tout le monde" a show and title completely invented by my subconscious mind I was wearing some really hideous clothes A red hoodie, an orange baseball hat (I never ever wear baseball hats ) and some mint green trousers. Anyway I wasn't in the audience for the show, but I was in some kind of backstage area and I somehow got the opportunity to talk to Mika on the phone! That was really cool, I can't remember what was said only I had something I really wanted to tell him
  8. Thanks so much for the birthday wish! :) Happy Easter!!

  9. Happy 21st birthday!



  10. Pog! :lmfao: I know tis been a while! How've you been?

  11. hello pog

    lonnng time no talk!

  12. Shaza!


    Hello fellow Shaza WELCOME
  13. Omg Only 1000 copies, it'll be a tight race to get one
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