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Hi everybody :-)


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Hi there,


although I'm not a native English speaker, I'll try my best to introduce myself in English *g*

My name is Tobias and I'm 24 years old, I live in Baiersbronn which is located in the beautiful Black Forest in Germany :) My hobbies are singing (especially Mika... my singing teacher once said to me, that it seems as if my voice only waited for a singer like him *g*), my computer (programming, not gaming!), playing the guitar and repairing cars :)

So, that's it for now, if you think I forgot something or if you want to know something special about me, feel free to ask ;)


Regards, Toby

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I'm pretty sure I will... since the number of girls in this forum exceeds the number of men by thousands ;) Just kidding... :)

It's nice to be with people who listen to the same music as me :)

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Black Forest:biggrin2: Never been there but I love nature and especially now I prefer to stay in the middle of a stormy weather 4 the fresh feelings...in Italy now it 36C°- and it's night:blink: -btw, what an impressive piece of music, I like it!:cheers:

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