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  1. Heyy! Can I be number 34 on the freak list for Eden, please? :biggrin2:

  2. Heyy! Can I be number 34 on the freak list for Eden, please? :biggrin2:

  3. i love short names ... but my short one sounds literally nasty in english lol )))

    what do you do?

  4. I'll answer to anything! Lol!


    Generally I'm Vicky but everyone at work calls me Victoria (which is my full name) so I'm getting used to that too! :)

  5. nice to meet you Vicky )))

    is it Victoria? or just Vicky?

  6. Hey, No problem.


    I'm Vicky :)

  7. hi again ))

    thanks for you answers about gig experiences )))

    can i ask what you name is? and be friends here ? )))

  8. You need a freak number missy ...lol

  9. Well it's looking incredibily likely that I'll be doing this one now! Talking to my bloke about maybe making it a long weekend but I'd like to be at the same hotel as the MFC regardless. Has anything been decided yet?
  10. Had an amazing time last night, so want to be doing another (I fact checked if I'd have time to drive to Bristol after I finish work! Lol!) will try to write up Newcastle and Birmingham when I get home.
  11. I'd never have got my moment if it hadn't been for you Jazz, cannot begin to thank you enough. The look on his face and him saying "It's beautiful" will forever be ingrained in my memory! We were supposed to leave at 9 but still sat in Viv's kitchen eating Hobnobs!
  12. Just woken up, still totally buzzing from last night! Don't have time to write a full report but in brief: fab crowd, everyone, particularly the MFC, really got into it and we totally rocked it, the floor does indeed bounce! Lol So much eye contact, not just from Mika but either. Imma stuck her tongue out at me at one point! Hehe Quick M&G afterwards, asked Mika ho be the first person to write in my personalized book, he wrote "She Fell down..." so have decided it shall be the start of a story! Imma has contributed the next line and I hope to keep it up! We had a chat with the band which was really great, Martin had scarppered tho, think we must scare him! Well gotta be getting ready for the drive Brum to do it all over again! Lol!
  13. I'm concerned that it's not available ANYWHERE on physical release, it seems like something has gone wrong, either it was never available on physical release or there has been a distribution problem. HMV don't even have a record of it on their system which is really odd. It should be on there if it's been released even if they aren't stocking it!
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