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Ring ring....

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I have to make a public appology

A while back i accidentally moved some files on itunes and messed it up which meant some songs wouldnt play - including some of mikas, so i downloaded them and got them back.

However i forgot to download ring ring, everytime i saw it hadnt redownloaded it yet i thought oh thats okay because i wasnt too keen on it.

Ive just been playing the album sampler on MIKAmyspace and when i was thinking of the song, i thought i was ABBA's 'ring ring' because the voices are similar.

So i downloaded ring ring and i love it, its like hes released a new single :P

So yes... im a bad girl for confusing ABBA and MIKA

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hahah, once i had ring ring, but i wanted to download it in the other computer, and i did, but when i heard it, it was ABBA's ring ring, but it had the name MIKA- Ring Ring...a big mess!!!:roftl:

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ring ring is amazing (definintely dont mean the abba one) I love the live version as well,there is so much more power and energy to the song which you wouldnt be able to get from listening to song off the album!!

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