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... it is unbelievable that a thread (which publicizes Mika) is cancelled from the forum.

Why do you consider spam a new Mika's website? I don't want to publicize myself but only to public material on Mika :wink2:

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Top Posters In This Topic

We don't like people talking about Mika in here :sneaky2:


(nah might have to do with the fact that you seem to register only with the purpose of promoting your site...maybe if you had posted a few times first, you would have had a different reaction)

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ok, but you seem to me somewhat rigid :biggrin2:


okay seems we got on the wrong foot here, let me try to smooth things out...(like i said, try)


everyone here in this forum IS friendly. I have been here nearly 6 months, and while I may have a minor clash with one or two people, it's never nasty. I think that goes for everyone. The vast majority of the time it's very warm and welcoming.


However if you wish to promote something, it's best to make friends and settle in first. That way, once you're friendly with everyone, you have more chance of people being interested in whatever it is you're trying to promote.


is this making any sense at all?


(this is CazGirl btw. To see why this account has been created please see the official cd project thread!)

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