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  1. Hi :bye: Not seen you here for a while. Can't answer your question about release dates though, the situation seems to change daily.

  2. Oh my fiddle sticks! Thank you SOOO much! I completely forgot how amazing the MFC and all it's members are!
  3. Does anyone have the mika laugh ringtone these days? I used to have it and I miss it dearly
  4. Same as suzie. I was wondering where that video was from too :)

  5. He's got a dark jacket on.. more like a blazer. And the shirt he's wearing underneath has ruffles around the neck.
  6. I'm not sure where to ask, but does anyone know anything about this Patrick Wolf vs. Mika Vogue-Off? Is it fake?
  7. I can't wait! Does anyone know what the exact date is?
  8. Is it just me or is everyone using the word flesh way too much..