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Hi!!! Finally i found somebody else who likes Mika! I am from Bulgaria :) I hope to find a lot of friends in this forum.I want to apologuise for all the spelling mistakes which I do all the time.I am doing terrible with the spelling especially since I began to learn German :)

So i love reading books(the only book in english that i read is harry potter). And i want to become a psihologist(i am absolutley sure that the spelling of this word is wrong :D )

My favourite place is the sea.


I began listening mika since i heard Grace Kelly on mtv.

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Welcome to Mika's world...well...the other day I was in a shop and suddenly Relax started and I had already finish to look round the shop,so my mom said:'well...let's go...'and I said:'no...I want to take another look...'

I went out only when the song ends...loooool!!!My mom:'Oh...it's because of Mika...'


Anyway...a huge welcome to ya,I hope that u'll have a lot of fun here with us...byyyeee!!!:punk:

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