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Hi from Montreal! :)


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Hello everyone!


My name is Elise and I just joined the MFC today! :) I heard the Grace Kelly song on tv in march (when he came to Montreal), and went directly to the music store to buy the CD!


I totally love his colorful vision of the word! :) I was a little sad he had to cancel the show in Quebec this friday, and started to surf internet to see if he had other shows around here, and found this site... ;)


A little about me: mother to the sweetest and funniest little 20months old girl, and teacher for autistic children.


Thank you!


PS: I hope I didn't make any faults... English is my second language! :P

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yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy !!! MONTRÉAL ROCKS !!! :punk:


ne t'en fait pas pour ton anglais, il est très bon !!! il y a beaucoup de monde sur ce forum pour qui l'anglais n'est pas la langue première...


but everybody here is friendly !!!


make sure to check out the Canadian Thread !!!!



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Salut Élise!


Bienvenue sur MFC et t'en fais pas pour ton anglais!


Je me joins à Sunshine pour t'inviter à venir faire un tour sur le Canadian Thread : http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3359


We're you at the show friday night even if Mika wasn't there? It was awesome!


See you aroud :wink2:

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Thanks everyone! :)


CaroLollipop , yes she likes Mika Music, mais elle aime bien plus le cd de Passe-Partout... ;)


Cassiopée, no I didn't go to the show finally... j'aurais bien aimé voir Pascale Picard en show par contre!


Cassiopée and Sunshine, thanks for the link! :)



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