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hello, need your help here :)


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Hello, i'm fany.

I like Mika just in past 2-3 months (i always get into the group with the last person who knows new trends, new singer, new movie, bla bla..)

My boyfriend is the one who influence me :wub2: , and i getting crazy about the song, so i choose his song for my final project in college.. I'm going to make a music video of Billy Brown.


And i absolutely need ur help!

I'm having a survey about Mika, so i really appreciate if u could reply my answer below. I forever in ur debt! :biggrin2:


1. Please describe urself (i.e, name, age, sex, location)


2. Why do u like Mika?


3. What do u think about him and his song? (if u think he's so damn great, pls tell me what make u think he is.. i.e, he can compose nice music with deep meaning lyrics, and so on..)


3. Have u ever seen one of his music video? Which one? What do u think about the video?


4. Have you ever heard this Billy Brown song before?


5. If you have, pls tell me what do u think about the song, includes how u make a representation of the song (i.e it's just a song, meaningless.. or it tries to make an existence of the bisexual, and so on..)


6. What kind of style when u think about him? (i.e, colorful, bold, and so on..)



Can't wait for ur mail.

Thx a lot :)

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