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  1. armande

    The Fingertips Song

    i thought 'fingertips' were a band... sorry if this has been brought up before or incorrect, so maybe it is one of their songs
  2. armande

    Is Mika vegetarian?

    not vegetarian *panics* they were pascall brand i am a vego, and i also don't drink milk, soymilk for me thanks for all the links jack :flowers: i recently found this blog, it's so decadent! i forgot to add this random piece that you can buy vegan cheese, it uses sources other than cow gut lining for its rennin
  3. armande

    Mikagasmic pics - Chapter 7

    i love that silver bracelet on his right wrist!
  4. armande

    Australia Day!!!

    it was, i am still all twitchy whenever i go outside
  5. armande

    Australia Day!!!

    haha, i almost got bitten by a baby brown snake today, how aussie is that?! scared the *daylights* out of me though
  6. armande

    the TEA thread

    ohh, i love all tea, lol i am sitting here drinking some earl grey. i'm not much of a fan of tea that tastes sweet or honeyey the exeption is chai, i love that stuff
  7. armande

    The Heath Ledger Tribute thread

    haha, my friend that i havn't talked to for about two years contacted me, and told me that i was the first person she thought of after she heard heath ledger died it's such a loss, he was a good actor and looked good, i loved A Knight's Tale, I must have watched it tens of times
  8. armande

    Mikagasmic pics - Chapter 7

    bahaha, the double chin picture is hiliarious!
  9. armande

    The Australian Thread: Seventh Heaven

    that is horrible! hi and bye!
  10. armande

    The Australian Thread: Seventh Heaven

    hey everone! i can't believe mika isn't in the voting list for triple j hot 100 bye everyone!
  11. armande

    Mikagasmic pics - Chapter 7

    :roftl: that is hilarious! heyyy thats in the same place as the pic a few pages back where mika has a camera (i think)
  12. armande

    Australian Tour

    bah! i got so excited when i saw this theads title
  13. armande

    I'm feeling inquisitive...

    i think i understand what you mean now... but im not sure i agree with it, lol