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mika-man of the year


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i just remembered something that was in a newspaper te other day,

mika is the observer music monthly man of the year!

please tell me if this has been posted


Amazing Grace


We tipped Mika for success in 2006. Four million album sales later, he tells Paul Flynn how 'Grace Kelly' changed his life


Sunday December 9, 2007

The Observer



Mika began 2007 with a startling opening hand. 'Grace Kelly' was only the second single to reach No. 1 on downloads alone. Until Leona Lewis's 'Bleeding Love ' arrived, it was on course to be 2007's bestselling single. After shifting four million copies worldwide of his debut album, Life in Cartoon Motion, and littering the airwaves with a bold new take on the classic pop tradition, he has circumnavigated a 12 months which began with him selling just six tickets for a Glasgow gig and ends with a sold-out theatre tour. For a musician giving out so many confusing, unanswered signals - was he gay or straight? Eastern or Western? Posh or not? - this was a startlingly efficient, speedy triumph that has brilliantly rattled cages. 'I've never been on the inside,' he tells OMM, ruminatively and cheerfully, in the bar of the Lowry Hotel, Manchester. 'That's the story of my life.'


How did getting to No.1 with 'Grace Kelly' feel?


Very unreal. It still feels unreal. It's just a song I wrote in my room. By the time I'd written 'Grace Kelly' everything in my life had been called into question. Trying to find out what I was going to do with my life, trying to be a musician, to be independent, to give myself the remote chance of any kind of a relationship. I was just sorting every thing out in my head. That song sums it all up.


What have been the greatest pop moments of the year for you?


They've all come from Timbaland. He's part genius, part parasite - the perfect combination for a producer. And Amy Winehouse of course. All the bull**** aside, it's a great, ageless, accessible pop record that she means every word of.


Have you committed the ultimate 2007 treachery and traded MySpace for Facebook?

I've deleted all of it . Some guy was pretending to be me. He knew me way too well and had all my friends talking to him. I have no idea how he knew the tiny details of my life but I have a suspicion it may have been someone from the press.


How do you feel about public speculation about your sexuality?


It wasn't easy establishing this privacy but I'm in a really good spot where the focus is certainly not on my private life. My life isn't tabloid-friendly.


Have you put your own private life on hold to foster that?


Inevitably, you do a bit, but not completely, no. I've been really strong about how I wanted to position myself and how I didn't want to be considered in the same way as somebody from a reality TV show.


What's the next record going to be like?


I'm in no hurry. Other people are in a hurry for me to do it, but I'm not. I know that when I come back I won't come back apologetically. It'll be another pop album. And it'll be a hurricane.


Is there anything that you regret about 2007?


Oh, so many things. I make mistakes. I say stupid things. I do idiotic things. And, quite frankly, I'm proud of them. Why not make mistakes?


You've been so busy this year - has there been the risk of burn-out?


It can get pretty hard, but I've got a good network of doctors and physios! I went caving and canyoning on my holidays and I'm going to go ice-climbing this Christmas, then kayaking. That's how I keep my mind off ... my mind!

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