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  1. Not sure I would be able to attend on the Saturday due to work but I would like to contribute to the flower gift, is it OK?
  2. Received the magazibne yesterday, really nice cover
  3. you can order it here
  4. I went to previous concerts and as I was an 02 customer, there was a different queue and they let us enter only a few minutes earlier
  5. Thanks. As Mika is in France tonight, I was wondering but he used to travel non stop, bless him
  6. sorry, wrote too quickly. Not sure if I can modify the post so people are not confused
  7. Mika will be on BBC tomorrow for Saturday Kitchen. Do you know if it is live or if he has already filmed his part?
  8. I love this album: "Blue" moved me, "Tiny Love Reprise" is amazing, "Paloma" is great.
  9. Hello! I pre-ordered the album as soon as it was on sale but I kept seeing on Facebook posts about pre-order my album and you could download this track straight away. I never had the opportunity to download the any songs. Am I the only one? The album is released tomorrow so it doesn't really matter but just curious if I missed out something.
  10. Got the email saying the CD has been discpatched, doubful it would arrive tomorrow
  11. Got tickets, thanks to 02 prority as the page for album pre-sale was not loading!
  12. I'm late to post something here but I saw the sad news on the day on Facebook. it is very very sad. I talked a few times with David on Twitter etc and he was always nice and friendly. For me he is MFC. I would like to donate if it is not too late.