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  1. I have trains going to London on Tuesday but Tuesday is overtime ban strike so not sure about going home. I’m planning to go to the gig, just have to wait and see trains tomorrow.
  2. And still have to go home after the party. It would be several buses and way longer journey which I can’t do due to my health.
  3. That’s very kind. I live in the Uk, not far from London. Strike is affecting my train company so can’t travel.
  4. I have no trains to get to London on Monday due to the strike
  5. Only travelled to France to see him performing in Nancy. Leaving France in the 11th March and won’t be able to come back. I hope he won’t postpone: of course, health first.
  6. Went to France to visit family for the holidays and had my Mika's parcel waiting for me. I ordered the bundle so I have the CD, the signed vinyl with the stickers, the notebook and the t-shirt. I am annoyed that Mika signed the plastic cover around the vinyl and not the vinyl cardbox.
  7. Folding chairs are not very good for me unfortunately, can be unstable.
  8. Folding chairs are not very good for me unfortunately, can be unstable.
  9. Unless you are in a wheelchair, they are not doing anything for other disabilities. I cannot sit on the floor and cannot carry a chair around which means I cannot attend this event. Extremely disappointed as it is close to me.
  10. Wondering if it says "sold out" on the UK store as they are not selling copies yet. Luckily my family lives in France so made an order.
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