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  1. hi!

    I was wondering if I could upload some of your pics from bristol to my facebook? I was a big girl that night. I will credit you :)

    If you have any more lollipop pics you may always show them:blush-anim-cl: Even if they didn't turn out very good. :thumb_yello:

  2. No one happens to have 4 Sunday day-tickets for the Chelmsford V Festival do they? Or if you know a trustable place I can get them or any information could you please PM me?
  3. I wish i could get there earlier than i can. I'd love to be there in the hours of queuing. Ahh school gets in the way of everything I think we are getting the train asap though. Really can't wait now!
  4. Hey everyone, I havent been on here in quite a while but since it's only 4 days now ( ) I thought I'd better have a look around. What sort of time are you people going to be there? And I know I'm only 14 but it would be nice to maybe meet somebody from here Im being forced to go with my mother because none of my friends really wanted to come Plus we live in Wales so i'll be taking the train down after school Still, can't wait, and thanks
  5. Hiya girls! Gotta say Tayler, again, loving the siggy! They're so cute! So how is everyone?
  6. I love HIMYM so much:wub2: It has done so many things for me Like being a regular subject that me and this boy I like talk about Barney is just the best character ever.
  7. I'm seeing them in Manchester in September too I know loads of people that are going to the Wembley one but we had to go to Manchester Oh well, it's still Muse And I can't wait
  8. They are so entertaining and probably the biggest reason people watch the X-Factor these days, even though they say they hate them
  9. How are you? Becca, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather And Taylor I LOVE your siggy!
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