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Mika In The Sun 01/01/08


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It sounds like Mika's mum and dad had a right laugh when thinking up a name for him.

The flamboyant singer says his parents always picked names with special meanings for him and his siblings.

He explained: "I was born in 1983 in Beiruit. My mum's Lebanese and my dad is American.

"My parents have given all of their children exotic names with special meanings.

"My brother is called Fortune, meaning 'luck' in French. My sisters are called Paloma, meaning 'dove'; Allegra, 'happiness'; and Yasmine which is 'flower'.

"All lovely, but I don't know what they thought about with me. They called me Mika, which actually means 'Plastic Bag' in Morrocan.

"Still, I love my name and I will never change it."

I think Mika would look great carring my shopping.

It must only be a matter of time before Tesco come knocking on his door to offer him a deal...


:roftl: Did anyone else know this, or was it my bad fan-skills? Apologies if it's been posted.

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