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What guys bo you love??????????????


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ok............... So i am only doing this because I am bored and have no life :bleh:

anyways, Today i was thinking about guys I hate, and then guys i love. Yes, i know this sounds dreadfully close to the " guys-we-fancy-the-heck-out-of" thread, but it is a bit different. so, tell me what guys you love. They can be anyone, someone you know, never met, a cleb, famous guy, not-so-famous guy, someone who is dead, even someone who has absolutley no idea you exist :shocked: the sky is the limit! (they can be any age as well) Don't be afraid to voice your opinion!!!!!!! some of mine are prety weird... :shocked:

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Top Posters In This Topic


-julian mcmahon

-kurt rogiers

-brendan fraser

-owen wilson

-that guy I always bump in to in town, bars, christmas shopping, the fair, I see him everywhere hihi:biggrin2:

-hugh jackman

-taylor hawkins

-dave grohl

-river phoenix

-bob sinclar


-josh holloway

-the winner of supermodel: albert :wub2:

-jeremy piven

-carlo porto :mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow: :mf_lustslow:


wow, ok that list became quite long hihi

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