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Mika DVD recommended in Polish newspaper


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Please find the link. Am so absent minded -probably New Year hangover:biggrin2:



The article is very positive, however I do not like the fact they concentrate on the sexual innuendo and comparison to Scissor Sisters.

Anyways, I think it is a good sign he is getting more publicity.


My translation below. Apologies about poor quality, I was in hurry and tried to get the bits on Mika, rather than everything on SS:wink2:


New DVD by Mika and Scissor Sisters

Big fun in pop

Carnaval fever begins… Concert dvds of androgynic pop stars Scissor Sisters and Mika suit perfectly the Saturday nigh fever.

Carnaval is the time when the everyday order and style do not apply anymore. In the world of Scissor Sisters and Mika-masters of pop- the big ball goes on and on. Their concert dvds “ Hurrah. A Year Of Ta Dah” and “Life In Cartoon Motion” are invitations to a party that you simply cannot miss.

The huge popularity of these starsi is due to great tunes, their fabulous image and expression on the scene.During their concerts, New Yorkers and Lebanese Mika on purpose mix kitch, juggle different conventions- from vodevile to disco, from Disney fantasies to Elton John mannearisms. Mika recalls elegant princess Grace Kelly in one song and in the next jumps around dressed in a chicken outfit. This is the language of the modern pop.

Scissor Sisters and Mika in fact did not invent anything totalny new. Their approach, distance to themselves/their roles mixed with with the scenic affection- not sure if it is a proper word, sorry…- are part of camp. Camp is a massive culture sublimation and was created in gay environment. No wonder, both are supported by this group. Front man from Sisters, wearing golden trosers and white fur and Mika are not macho version of man.

The scale of their success means that such gestures were already made popular by classics like Eltona Johna, Davida Bowie or Freddiego Mercury’ego. Scissors Sisters were present on Heineken Open`er Festival in Poland in 2006 and Mika hit Relax was at the top of most of radio charts for a very long time.

Both documentaries of the concerts proce that these artists are doing great beyond the narrow environment. Their music is a fusion of disco, soul and glam rock and they guarantee a great party.[…]

Mika addresses his music to a wide spectrum of audience, mainly teenagers and refuses to talk about his private life. Even though he sings a song about homosexual adventures of Bobbie Brown, on the Olympia scene he makes no erotic innuendos.

The final of his Parisian concert is a happy dance between colourful balloons and confetti. Mika is a new pop star, a Peter Pan, who takes his audience to his pop, rainbow coloured heaven.

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"Bobbie Brown" :mfr_lol:

Thanks Mag:thumb_yello:


Yeah, I know:bleh: They made a mistake in the article. Keeping in mind that Mika was not exisistent in Polish press, I am just happy he is getting publicity at last.

Hope the journalists will do a better job in the future, though. Shame shame shame:sneaky2:

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Ooh this is good, maybe he will visit Poland this year too!



That would be just brilliant:mf_lustslow: I will murmur my mantra:blush-anim-cl: mmmmmmika come to Poland- the Power of Positive thinking

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