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  1. So saddened by the news about Amy. I have both of her albums and am certain that Back to black is gonna be a classic in years to come. RIP AMY
  2. I love the songs, even though cannot make out the lyrics on most of them:wink2: Blame it is my fav:thumb_yello: Waiting unpatiently for the CD in September. ..
  3. September sounds like a long time to go. I will need to work on my patience... But then again, I`d rather wait for it a few months longer and have another masterpiece as LICM.
  4. Today in H&M store they played Lollipop:mf_lustslow: And I was all smiles and all:wub2: It made me really happy to hear his song from another source than my ipod
  5. I love this song! I have got no chicken:naughty:
  6. Are you serious!? is it really gonna be the next Dvd? Cannot wait till September:boing:
  7. I SO cannot wait for his second album release. Hope it is going to be here for Xmas:wub2:
  8. I cannot wait for Mika second album:mf_lustslow: I keep listening to Rain and it makes me cry. I love the piano and the chorus. Gosh! It gives me shivers down my spine Mika you are the best Thank you ever so much for working hard on the new album.
  9. LOL...that made me laugh so hard...
  10. Congrats MIKA :dance_man:Well deserved award! Am SO happy for you:dance_man: Yasmine again looks absolutely stunning in her pretty dress:groovy:
  11. My name is Magdalena. No clue what it means, though:mf_rosetinted:
  12. Thanks for sharing!!!! MIKA love your sense of humor:roftl: wash your hair boy, though:naughty:
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