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mika chhered me up...


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I've got his amazing rendition of Nina Simone's "I got life" at Jools Hollands Hootenanny on my mp3-player and I just can't help smiling like an idiot whenever I listen to it... And yesterday I was doing so in the subway and a guy sitting opposite to me began smiling too.. that was sweet !!

Let's do that : pass Mika's cure on to everybody !!!!! :thumb_yello:

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Mika's boogers RULE!!!!!!:roftl::naughty: Do they come in different colours?...Yeah if Mika ruled the world everyone would be happy!! We could all go take him presents while he sat in his throne .. *dreaming* ..:wub2:


hum ....... probably ... that's why i thought he looks like Simba at first sight

on my ibook screen ! not in person i mean :wink2:

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Something like this?



Pretty embarassing, but... I've never watched the Lion King, and I'm 14 !

I confess I was pretty hyperactive until the age of 10/11 ... No patience for movies, TV, anything!:mf_rosetinted:

But I like lions. A lot

:shocked: it's a masterpiece!! And I'm obsessed also with the sequels...Timon&Pumbaa, Simba&Nala:wub2:

I still DO like them in black&white, though

They're so cute


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