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Shopping in london - I need your help!


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Ok, so, very rushed thread, but this was my last resort... I'm not even meant to be online right now....


My dad is going to England... well London specifically, this weekend and as I'm not allowed to go along( :sneaky2: ) I am sending with a short shopping list.... but now I'm stuck.... Where can he go, preferably close to Westminister-Oxford Street area, that he can buy me braces... really cute, funky ones.... Oh and arm socks/warmers kind of like these:



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Well I would say Camden but it's not that close to Westminster...it's not far either though.

There are quite a lot of 'normal' fashion shops that sell braces but they're usually pretty overpriced in comparison to some of the smaller places like Camden. I know Topshop do/did some for about £10 but I'm not sure if they still have them there. Also Urban Outfitters did before Christmas.

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