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    We're gonna ride tonight
  1. Very!

    How have you been?

  2. They're both really cute! Jasper is soooo adorable!
  3. hahahha... grr! Only if I can make him dress all vintage and put on eye make-up:naughty: (Like in Bella's dream just after she figures out Edwards a vampire and he's all done up like Dracula... wow!!!)
  4. Mmm... Yeah. I love all of them, but I agree with the glam-rock. He was just... BEAUTIFUL!

    I also loved the short hair, no moustache. CLTCL makes me go all weak at the knees

  5. OH GAWD that is a tough one!!!! Cause he is SO sexy and is like a different person each way -- but, for me personally ---- I am going to have to go with the long-haired Glam Rock look :das:

    I could DIE looking at that! :harp:

  6. I know right? I nearly died when I saw it!

    Which do you prefer?

    Long haired glam-rock,

    short haired but no moustache (Crazy Little Thing Called Love video)


    Beardy thing

    No moustache

  7. Does anyone else agree that Carlisle is really hot too? My friend warned me before we went in (cos she'd seen it before) that Carlisle was a serious let down.\ I went in and I was like:mf_lustslow:
  8. OH W O W S A :wub2:

    That is AMAZING!!!!!

  9. hahahahahah :biggrin2:

    There's a watermark across the middle, but what the hell. Hope you agree :wub2:



    it's a brilliant drawing!!!!

  10. I'm not sure... Her parents are a bit anti-hospital so it's hard to tell. How long did you have to recover for?
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