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What exactly are foils?


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For dying hair, of course.


I'm getting my hair dyed today and people are suggesting I do foils because my roots are bad right now. I sort of have an idea of what they are, I've seen my friend get them, but what exactly are they?

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They take a thin strip of your hair, paint it with dye against a piece of tin foil and then fold it up while the colour sets. You get a more random and natural looking result than the old days when they used to stick a cap on your head and pull tiny pieces through at perfectly spaced spots.

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This one made me laugh:


In today’s salons, most hairdressers find foil very useful when highlighting mid to long hair. All Foils currently supplies hair dresser foil in gauges from .0005" to .0007" and in standard widths from 3.75" and 5" wide rolls, with other widths available upon request. Our hair dresser foil is available in standard sizes from 2 lbs to 5 lbs per roll. We have the capabilities to supply the material on cores from 1 5/16" to 3". Please feel free to contact us with your current requirements and/or specifications.

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