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  1. I loove The Beatles. Anyone seen across the universe? Great movie if you're a Beatles fan
  2. Those are fabulous:mf_lustslow: I did something like that to mine, but the felt is washing off
  3. Never heard of the capital awards:blink: is it just a UK thing? anyway congrats Mika!
  4. I'd like them The original ones are confusing
  5. I'm going to make one right now and I loooove yours Diana
  6. I hate her too, with a passion.
  7. I feel so stupid... I have had my watch set for the time of the Vancouver concert (8pm I think) since November, so it's gone off every single day at 8pm for about 2 and a half months. I couldn't wait for the concert! Even if I wasn't going to be anywhere near it. So friday night I went to my friend's brother's hockey game that was from 7-9pm. I totally forgot all about the concert I'd waited months for! I didn't even remember until yesterday that there was a concert I can't believe I forgot about it:blink:
  8. Hahahaha, I can totally imagine that Maybe I should run to school singing GK tomorrow at the top of my lungs, see if I get any jealous stares
  9. I have no where to dance without anyone seeing me.. I have this huuuuuge window in my room I can see all of downtown from, and they can see me. My blinds are screwed and won't go down.
  10. Hey Mika! Be my valentine.. or else Edit: I don't know where that question mark came from....
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