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im sooooo excited! i graduate from 8th grade in....10 DAYS! and there are some downers tho. even tho i have been dying to get out of my school, ive grown fond of it, my mom teaches theres, so im always stuck there, but i get to have some TLC cuz shes usually in and out of the room afterwards. and in the summer i will still have to wake up early, it would be 5 am every day, but there are too many swimmers at practice right now that our coach is gonna bump us down to like 7 o clock, means i have to get up at like 615 tho (sigh) and then im also not going to c some of my friends because we are going to different schools, and its been very pressurizing. but along graduation lines... my sister and i have to share a graduation party cuz shes graduationg high school and when she graduated middle school (like i am now).. she only got a cd, but now shes mad because she knows that my dad knows that i have a crappy laptop, and she thinks im always soooo spoiled that im gonna get a new one, and then shes gonna get all mad at me, shes stubborn that way... idk..after looking forward to high school, and seeing how much i have changes since the beginning of middle school, idk if i can 4get all those memories soooo quickly..... lol ...well this is a boring story, so post watever here :mf_rosetinted:

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