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Story Time!

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well it was still light out, just a few hours ago in fact, and i was sitting here on MSN, and MFC, and i c my neighbors come across the street (kiersten and alyssa). my sister (kaleigh) and i both rush off downstairs. we talk outside, then allyssa goes to put their weiners inside (dogs) and we decide to hide in my dads car and lock it (my parents are at a movie btw) and alyssa gets in before kiersten, whick btw runined our mastermind plan, and then kaleigh runs outta the car, im in the drivers part, alyssa behind me. kaleigh and kiersten decide to dash in the house, funny thing, we beat kiersten and all ended up in the house. and this is when it all began.

alyssa and i locked the K's outta the house. we turned off every light (as it was darker now) and we close all the blinds, and lock all the doors, then, when kiersten is about to pee her pants and is at the door, we make kaleigh go to the other side of the deck, wait for kiersten to go pee, and run out the front. we ran and hid in the back of her dads truck. we watched them move from room to room after that. searching for us, and then we decided to run and hide behind a tree in my front yard for a better look. then when we swore they saw us, we ran up to a coltisac, and then, not knowing what else to do after sitting there for a while, we decide we'd run to her house and make more plans there. and we also had to go pee. we run to her house, going our seperate ways, and we decided it'd be best to go to the batheroom wiith the lights off so they dont c the lights threw a window. it was quite scary going to the bathroomin the dark, i actually almost fell in the toilet to be honest, but we both survived. we went threw her garage, went around her back yard, climbed over the side of the rail that attaches to the front porch, climb back off, and ran tomy house. we found where they were. the guest room. but with the door locked, so i returned off all the lights, and blasted the creepiest classical music station that happened to be bethoven and bach. we ran out the back, and father into my back yard. we waited to c if theyd turn it off, then when we heard a noise (most likely our dog) we decided to run and up the coltisac again we went. my sister started calling over and over again. i had to put my phone on silent so Love Today wouldnt give us away. and i talked in a possessed voice to scare them. things were silent except for the slight noise of the station playing, when we heard their voices, coming from my b/yard. we went back to my drive way.and then after sitting behind my dads car, they ran out the side of the house, and over to their house. alyssa and i ran threw their side, and into their garage where we made further plans. we snuck back out, and hid on the side of her moms car, and they come running out from the porch, we were sure they heard us laughing, but no, they kept running, back to my house. alyssa, and i decided to go back to my house, and we went threw the back. but theyd given up. they were watching a cooking channel. i may have left something out, knowing me. but it was so fun! we talked about it, and my voice they said scared them to death, they didnt think it was me, they thought it was a crazy person!!! then her dad came over and said it was time for them to leave. the fun ended. but that, i have to say was the fastest (around) 3 hrs that has gone by for us. and they were like "well im scared for leaving u guys alone here! its scary!!" lol. thought i'd share

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