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WALL-E and other (animated/not) movies


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this is a random thread... but i've seen wall-e this weekend (twice...) and i absolutely adored it. i think it's one of the best animated movie ever made and i currently have an obsession with it.. (yup..another one :blush-anim-cl: )

i really thought it deserved a thread here icon_rolleyes.gif (i found a rollseyes emoticon) so if you've seen it i'd like to hear your impression and if not ...well i can make you want to watch it :bleh:



......and entering the last week of holidays (in which i'm supposed to at least try to open that biology book)... i need to relax and get ready for what is going to be the worst year of my life.... and what is better than watching a bunch of movies and not caring about the rest of the world...?

if there are any movies you like you can recommend them here so anyone can hear about them. :wink2:

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I have not seen it, but I really want to! So many people have said so! :thumb_yello:

I think the one I like best is cars- I love Luigi, the fiat 500!


they're making a 2nd cars movie :naughty:..it should be out around 2013 i guess...

I havent seen it yet, looking forward to catch it on dvd someday.

My favorites cartoon movies are Shrek, The Incredibles & Ratatouille

and shrek the 4th is going to be released in 2010 and shrek the 5th in 2013 :naughty:

uhmm i'm a cartoon junkie :fisch:

aww ratatouille was lurvelly :wub2:

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