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  1. Happy birthday :)

  2. Haven't been here for ages and just stopping by to say that i absolutely love his new sound. I find it original, beautiful and different and at this point that is much needed, a small change from his previous sound. Can't wait to hear the new album. :-)
  3. Happy Birthday !!!



  4. Happy birthday, enjoy the day:partytime2::partytime2:

  5. Happy birthday, my dear!!!!



  6. Did u call me lady :shocked: I feel like a granny now...:roftl:

    Well, now u've got another post of mine to answer next time u log in. Ooooooo I'm such a stalker :bleh:


  7. Hehehehe thanks lovely lady!!!! Yeah it has been some really long time since i logged in and finally i did. :-) :huglove:

  8. *pops up to say hi* so when months have passed and then u logg in, u'll have a welcome back message :lol3:


  9. Thanks Silver. Aww i love clown Mika. Thanks, i will let you know.
  10. That's true, maybe it was a wrong calculation from them to print so many, but still the £5 is a very low price for this sort of item, especially when the charge for it in the beginning was so much higher.. I don't know, i find it to be unfair, but i will stop complaining, no use on ranting on things that were before..
  11. Thanks for posting this, i simply love the clown makeup and all the costume..and the shoes with the Mika design on them.
  12. £5?????????????? :shocked: To be honest, i find this a bit upsetting, as i paid much more for it when it came out and waited 3 months to receive it (because of delivery issues from sandbag)...i feel a bit cheated. next time i'll think twice before i purchase a special edition item.
  13. I think i'll skip this one, already got the 2" tofu doll and its more then enough..
  14. Mici


    I love traveling, for the past few years i had the chance to travel a bit in Europe to Italy, UK, France, Spain and i am going to visit UK again in 2 months . I also lived in USA for nearly a year in Arizona, and i am planing to go back there in a year or so for an extant visit not only to Arizona but to New York and California.