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  1. Hi ruxi, since 25-07-2008 AT there's only 3 official members left ...?

  2. thank you so much, silver! :flowers2:

  3. Happy Birthday



  4. Multumesc mult de urare! :biggrin2:

  5. La multi ani !!



  6. :yay:Happy Birthday !!! :yay:
  7. *wonders who took those pictures* oh how i'd love to see the pics Yasmine took from the backstage
  8. haha. i loved his haircut. although not what suits him best. it's a cool change. i hated the ring. maybe he was trying to fit in the Romanian trends he might have spotted around Bucharest:naughty:
  9. there's something about sisters and brothers that care for each other that much that gets to me everytime. one of my soft spots i suppose
  10. thank you all for your kind words i forgot to mention what nearly brought tears (happy tears) in my eyes. when mika started the gig, i looked at Yasmine. The look on her face was priceless! She seemed so proud that he was her brother and so happy for him. i wish i could describe exactly that cute face.
  11. ruxi

    Holaaa! gracias!!! have fun at the other gigs. aaaw how i wish i could come!!! :D

  12. Thank you! sorry i couldn't help myself. But i had such a great time on stage, and enjoyed seeing the crowd go crazy that i begin to think i've picked the wrong career
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