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A Christmas Message Fromm John Alan

John Alan

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Hello guys !!! just like to say on beharf of myself, I just like to say i like to wish everyone on MFC and your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! .


At this time of year no matter how old or young u are, if your a boy or a girl (even tho this time of year can be quite expesive lol), it's a time 2 b jolly, be full of spirit and most important it's a time to show Love to one another !!!. Remember guys Christmas only come's once a year and we only have one shot a life so make the most of it whilst it's here !!!


Btw, i'm sat here listen to a Dean Martin/Nat "King" Cole Christmas Album (with a christmas hat on lol !!!) and it's fantastic and perfect for background music !!! i defo recomend it !!! that or a album full of christmas hits !!!


I've even been singing festive song's on karaoke lol !!!


so these are my christmas gift's to everyone of MFC !!!



these r for the facebook memebers (p.s i will try and put these on youtube),let me know what you think of these !!!! (notice i'm wearing ALL WHITE !!! on 2 of these vid's lol !!!)


me and a friend singing - Fairytale Of New York



me singing - Merry Christmas Everyone




me singing - Driving Home For Christmas




and also a give from me r these mp3's !!!


me singing a home recorded version of "Driving Home For Christmas" (about 3 years old)




me singing - Sleigh Ride




me and joss stone singing "Lonely This Christmas (Without You)" (made this on a program !!!)




me singing "Step Into Christmas"




me singing "One More Sleep Til' Christmas" (got this from muppets christmas carol lol !!!)




me singing "Ho !!! Ho !!! Ho !!! Who'd Be A Turkey At Christmas" ( i don't sing very well on this put it's a nice funny song !!!)




me singing "Christmas Time"




me singing "Jingle Bell Rock"




me singing "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow"





P.S alot of of these songs i sung when i was a about 15 and back then i hit some bums notes and i didn't know much about me vocal rage back then lol but let me know what ya think !!!


once again i wish you all and your family a merry christmas and a wonderful new year !!!

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