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2007: new (unposted) material: pics/videos/infos/reviews/press


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Every now and then I happen to stumble across some new material about Mika in 2007, and the mods suggested to post it in a new thread,

instead of spreading it out over old ones.


So please feel free to add anything you should find from 2007, which isn't already posted on MFC.

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I'll start with the Dublin gig at Spirit 01-03-2007


The venue:


Spirit was the name of the venue, now it's called The Academy




The Academy music venue, formerly Spirit night club. 57 Middle Abbey Street.


source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbey_Street




Formerly known as Spirit, The Academy is one of Dublin’s best dancing spots with four floors of nightclub, the music tends to be electronic, dancefloor euphoria etc. Known acts like Mika, Lilly Allen have played the Academy as well as other well-known celebritys. The club does have a reputation for drugs unfortunately so caution has to be exercised when leaving the club in the early hours and minding your drinks. However don’t let this spoil a good night out as this applies to everywhere realistically.






About The Academy


The Academy is Dublin's newest live music venue situated on Middle Abbey Street. It is a unique city centre venue that offers 4 floors of entertainment of every kind to music lovers of every persuasion. A 3 minute walk from the city's Ha'penny bridge, 30 second walk from O'Connell St and it's prime location on the LUAS tram line are just some of the factors that highlight it's appeal.

Live shows with international rock and pop acts are filling the calendar for 2008. Late night clubs at The Academy run from 11 o'clock Wednesdays through to Sundays.

A brand new state of the art "L Acoustics" sound system along with a new lighting rig has been installed.

The Main Room at The Academy is a room unrivalled by any other venue in the city. It holds 650 people standing, with a prominent stage that is viewable from every corner of the room. Raised seating areas are situated either side of the stage. The upper balcony which runs the entire perimeter of the room comfortably holds an additional 200 people.

The Green Room is The Academy's ground floor room. This room has a low slung ceiling and is ideal for live performances from electronic acts and DJs. The Green Room has a capacity of 550 people.

The Academy 2 is situated in the basement of the venue. A live room ideal for smaller bands, comedy shows and record launches, Academy 2 consists of booth seating and a stage set into the back wall.

The Chamber is a private VIP room, available on request, which will offer groups of up to 30 plush leather sofas and private waitress service.

In this section:


The Academy is located on Middle Abbey Street, in Dublin city centre (just off O'Connell street). The LUAS red line stops next door (Jervis or Abbey street stops) and there is convenient access to local buses and taxi ranks.



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[B]Loved today[/B]

The support act to Mika in Dublin's Spirit venue sings an unusual cover.
It's Boney M's "Sunny" a few months ago this was a rather fab dance tune by Boogie Pimps but sung by a man, in a singer songwriter style, it's quite lovely. I have no idea who said singer but it was a nice moment.

Well, it's all go in the crowd as the quickest new star of 2007 is about to play his first Dublin show. Lollipop girl goes around the crowd handing out, yes, lollipops. Mika has a song called "Lollipop", it all makes sense. Lollipop girl, a surreal Alice, is both quirky and scary.

In true pop star fashion his band come on to the tiny stage first. Guitarist Martin Waugh, yum! Lovely indeed!
Then proper ta-dah! Mika leaps onto stage.

Dressed in a piano key design jacket, plain t-shirt and Sugababe tight red trousers he looks like his songs. Loud in a good way. What surprises me is that his first song is, the wonderful, "Relax, Take it Easy". A song I thought would be nearer the end of the show. This song was a download only release last year that didn't get very far in the charts of no sense. "Grace Kelly" his first proper single would be number one for 5 weeks in the UK. I only got Mika's album "Life in Cartoon Motion" (artwork by his sister!) this week, but courtesy of the lovely Enda I had been playing a remix of "Relax Take it Easy" for a few weeks beforehand, the song is even more explosive live.

Mika leaps, bounds, yelps, shrieks throughout the song and most of the show ahead. Hooray! The bigger surprise is the second song, "Love Today" his new single with it's addictive lyrics and "dum di daddy daddy" intro. Looking back, Mika truly is the type of singer you will either adore or are insanely annoyed by.

Everything about Mika and his show is bright and playful, joyous, right now, enjoy it, it's hard to feel down at a show like this.

When I bought 4 tickets for the concert I couldn't believe that only 30 had been sold , I actually asked "have you any left?" so bless Youtube, which helped me convince Brian and Seamus to go to an unknown artist then.
This was 3 weeks before "Grace Kelly" got to number one.

Midway through the concert, Mika thanked the people who supported him and bought tickets "before all the hype" which made me stab Brian in the arm with my finger saying "that's me! I did that!!" The poor girl stranger in between us thought I was having a mental moment.

Mika clearly loves his time in the world of fame at the moment and watching him he seems the kind of person who blurts out words before they are even formed properly so when he referred to the night in question being the "last of the UK tour" I knew exactly what he meant to say, alas this being Dublin many "boyfriends" had to do the whole boo / jeer thing reminding him he's in Dublin, Ireland.

The fact that his clipped tones don't show any his American father / Lebanese mother background, he's British in the eyes of the Gladiators.

My mind went back to the pages of Smash Hits! where Simon Le Bon and Wham! didn't know where they were in the world as they lived on planes and hotel rooms for months. It was a momentary awkward moment and I felt he had to win back the crowd for a while after that. Anyway, soon after, the big beautiful girls and their big, beautiful, formally jeering men were wigging out to "Big Girl (You are Beautiful)".

"Grace Kelly" of course had everyone singing along near the end but the real crowd favourite seems to be "Lollipop" with it's "sucking too hard on your lollipop, love's going to get you down" repetition. This is where Mika gets the lazy journalist Freddie comparisons but Mika to me is pure new, pure...oh, I hate the word..fun!
An extra bonus as we headed out onto a cold Abbey Street was bumping into fellow bloggerina Enda, looking dashing as always, and a very tipsy JJ and his lovely man, myself and Brian linked arms with JJ who sang the "Lollipop" chorus to gusto, if ever there needed the innuendo of that song to be spelt out, well Mika, let JJ sang ya tune.


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In the following well known article they're mentioning this gig:


<<We're in Dublin, and Mika is preparing for a tiny gig at a nightclub called Spirit. The venue was booked months ago, when Mika was just beginning to be hyped. Now he could sell out a space such as this many times over.



In the few weeks between the Big Top launch and the Dublin gig, there has been a Mika backlash. The NME, which reviewed him favourably a few months earlier, has announced that Mika is no longer cool. But in America his album has hit the top 30, and in Ireland he is number one and the crowd lining the street outside Spirit are crazy for him. They all say the same thing: that Mika has made pop fun again.


Inside the venue, a likable man from an Irish newspaper is lobbing a few friendly questions at him before the gig. The journalist says it's great that he's produced an album with so many obvious hit singles. Somehow, Mika manages to take offence. "See, I find that description really strange, because as far as I'm concerned they're all little paintings.">>




'Suddenly they all wanted to dance with me'

The Guardian, Saturday 28 April 2007


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another brilliant thread!!!


marina thank you so much for all the great things that you post! you make the mfc even better! GRAZIE :flowers2:

You're most welcome Netina! :blush-anim-cl:

And thank you for always being so nice! :flowers2:

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Thanks Eriko. It's kind of weird to read those answers about love and sexuality now that he's so much more open about it, he must've felt very uncomfortable. I couldn't help but think about the lyrics to NPIH ''for every love I had to hide''. And what about that milk commercial? It's the first time I read about it. Is there any way to find it? :teehee:

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