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Marit Larsen


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I think there'll be other people here who'll really like this musician! Her name is Marit Larsen, she's Norwegian, and I just saw her perform as the support act for Jason Mraz. She has a lovely sweet voice and her music is pop....as soon as I saw/heard her I thought of Mika.....I don't know if it was the instruments, pop melodies, or the frilly lollipopgirl-like dress, but check her out!



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hey! i'm norwegian too! :D lol


she's a big hit in norway yeah.

she has a bit too sweet voice if you ask me :P


lol well, everyone's entitled to their opinion :wink2: I haven't heard enough yet to decide if I really like her, but there's definitely something about her that I like.

Cool, so she's well known in Norway - good to know!

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I liked her... I think. She had a pretty likable personality...I liked some of her songs although she did seem to sing about 15 songs or something so I was getting a bit impatient :naughty:

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