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  1. Hi how are you? :biggrin2:

    I love your siggie, I love michael jackson :wub2:

  2. also: sense of humour, laugh, accent, hair.......... (I'm just helping out, hahahaha!)
  3. also: sense of humour, laugh, accent, hair.......... (I'm just helping out, hahahaha!)
  4. ^ Ooh see where his hand is... He looks drunk here...haha Oh I want to meet him, he's just so cute! Thanks hun! I hope your exam went well! It's true... and have you seen this? [YOUTUBE]EftIAAp9Ric[/YOUTUBE] I loooove his facial expressions! "I'm drunk every day, so it really doesn't make any difference" hahaha Ooh, nice! I'm not really a fan of his, but he's cute in this pic!
  5. Awwwh! Yes I'm still in the US....it's going to be a while before I get my PhD, lol. But I'm happy here I'll be in Ireland over Christmas though. How are you?? Oh ok, you should watch it! I won't spoil anything... except that Reid gets cuter and cuter... but that's not a spoiler, because we all know it's true, hahaha
  6. giirrrrrl I've missed you!!!! How are you? hahahaha Reid and Shemar LOL so cute! oh my lord.... thaaaaaanks! Oh how I love this man. OK I gotta run to a meeting...talk to you ladies soon!
  7. sooooo...I'm falling more in love with Reidy's new haircut....does anyone have some recent pics?
  8. OK peeps, here's my very brief update: I took the Walk, yay! Got to meet Zac again The show was soooo good, and in a tiny venue so I was literally like 6 feet from Tay the whole time! My Vids: Mmmbop Madeleine And I Waited Go Pics: Ike on the walk: (Teegs I thought of you!! He's like the same height as me - I thought he was much taller than that!! But I have to admit I walked right past him so I could talk to Zac, lol) Zac being cute: Tay doing a hop..lol Tay getting up close and personal.... Zac looking at me (or so I tell myself...) End:
  9. hey all you Mika geniuses! I'm looking for a youtube video of Mika's acoustic tour from, 2009 I guess (might've been 2008..)? It's a video of Happy Ending, and he starts off talking and he says "Oh I know I'm not supposed to talk but..." and then he tells about his music teacher who said "I knew you'd always leave" and he wants the crowd to sing the chorus of Happy Ending for every friend of his who dreamed of singing at this venue.... I think it might've been in the Netherlands but I could be wrong. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? lol. I have the audio but I'd love to see the vid again. Thanks!!
  10. You're going to see U2? Whoa, I know how much you love them - you must be super excited!! My sister just moved to Melbourne actually, she's working in a hospital there I don't think Ike sings lead on anything in the new album....I'm trying to think... Ah yes, Kiss Me....loooove it! Oh Musical Ride, that's my other fave....that song is SO GOOD. I definitely agree, These Walls sounds so different, I prefer the EP version! I think the others are pretty much the same, right?
  11. wattup?! I'm back!! I'm going to see the boys next Tuesday, can't wait!! Does everyone like the new album? It took me a long time to really like TBS, but I love the album, especially And I Waited.... I also love that Zac sings lead on a lot of songs, but I guess the Ike fans here don't feel the same....
  12. *buuuuuuuuuuuuump!!* how are my favourite CM fans??? And what does everyone think of Reidy's new hair? He of course looks cute, but i miss his old hair.... *sob*
  13. nice! thanks for the pics!! I'm going to see them again in November, can't wait...hope I get to do the walk this time!
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