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Latvian thread


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Couldn't find one? So I guess no one has created our own thread.

I guess there are quite a lot of us here :) So - keep gathering :)


Nevarēju atrast nevienu tēmu atsevišķi LV faniem. Laikam jau nav neviens atvēris. Bet domāju, ka MFCMs te ir diezgan daudz, nu vismaz pēc koncerta bija daudz atsauksmes :)

Tā ka - pulcējamies :thumb_yello:

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Hi Liga, we've got a thread here:




We just reorganized the forum recently and it seems that it fell through the cracks and was left in the general chat section, so not easy to find. :wink2:


I've moved the thread to the MFC International forum and I'm going to close this one up.

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