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I need your help! for the enviorment! :D


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I know I haven't been on here lately, (which bums me out) but can i ask you all a favor?


my Environment Club at my school has applied for a grant, and we are trailing in 4th place, we need help getting votes.. and it's for a good cause :D

here's what it is for: (which you can read on the link, too! http://actiongrants.acespace.org/projects/GreenPalooza )


"The Placer High School Action Team would use any grant money received to put on a Green Festival for our student body and community. The Green Festival would be an eco-minded event providing entertainment, food, and environmental awareness for our student body but with an environmental twist. Last year, we combined the Green Festival with our annual school carnival, Placer Palooza. We brought in a bike-powered stage and sound system which student bands and entertainment utilized in their performances. This year, we plan on bringing in new eco-friendly entertainment and plenty of local restaurants to supply food. Unlike a traditional school carnival, the Green Festival would minimize wastes like plastic bottles, and avoid non-environmentally savvy entertainment like bounce houses. In the true spirit of a festival, our event would include street performers, circus acts, and musicians. We would also use the event as a way to spread awareness about the environment and promote our club as well as other on-campus service organizations. Thank you for your support!"


we also plan on using the rest of our money to sell Kleen Kanteens, and from there, get an eco well put in at our school; but we really need some votes.


I would really appreciate it if you guys could help out, and it is really easy to do! it'll only take a minute!

you click on the link http://actiongrants.acespace.org/projects/GreenPalooza

click "Vote for this project"

give an email (you will have to check you email to click a confirmation link), any username you want, and the captcha code..

and then you will have 3 votes.

if you guys could help, it would mean so much. <3


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