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Mika @ Arena La Civitella, Chieti, ITALY - 30 July 2016


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Hi! I am a huge fan of Mika and I have decided to go see him at Chieti and Rome. I just recently bought standing tickets and they had seating numbers so I was wondering if those numbers matter at all. I mean, do we have to line up in order to get a better view or do we enter in according to our seating numbers.

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In Chieti there are standing tickets (in italian: posto unico/general admission) and seating tickets (tribuna non numerata/tribune free seating). In this case the seating places are not numbered. So first-come first-served for standing and seating places. In Chieti there is also a standing Golden Circle Pit: a zone with a little more expensive price, close to the stage. In this area too the standing places are not assigned.

If your Chieti tickets have numbers is just an ID number of the ticket, not a number of the place.

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