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  1. Wow, the forum changed (chromatically) a lot! Dear friends, what a beautiful concert! Very nice MIKA performances from the tiny Italian theatre. Tiny location, tiny concert, big and sincere love for Beirut. The contribute of all people involved are praiseworthy and generous but I am not particularly touched by some of the apparitions by female artists. Good the intention but insignificant and/or out of topic the performances. On the contrary the duet of Mika and Mashrou Leila performing Promiseland (fantastic song) is pure art, musically and visually. Compliments to Mika and these Lebanese artists I didn’t know before for this gift, for this precious arrangement and for the incredible set design. Very original and joyful the performance of Lollipop in the Italian village with Funk Off. What a crazy group of red t-shirt men! A touch of funny is important even in a serious initiative. And my Oscar for the special appearance goes to the newborn. His eccentric way to say OK to the question of his father is a symbol of hope and confidence for the future. My best wishes to this lovely family. Yours sincerely Allegra P.S. When I was waiting the start of the concert I came across in an Italian web event, organized by some members of the cast of Italian XFactor. The intention was to be in support to I Love Beirut. I supposed this and I was confident, without prejudges, expecting something interesting. On the contrary the chatting I heard was totally out of topic and they continued their insignificant chat even when Mika concert started. At 9 pm they even didn’t say: “I love Beirut is starting, enjoy the event”. And they continued to chat during the concert (I took a brief look a couple of times during the streaming). This was very disrespectful and insulting. Anyway this big amount of superficiality and banality just emphasized how deep, serious and professional was the I Love Beirut initiative. Update Always about that fake supporting event: later on the night the same streaming from the same channel became a live commentary of a videogame session. A videogame very violent were they were killing people for fun. Awful. What horrible and useless people circulate around Mika in this Xfactor edition... Dear Beirut, as an italian, I apologize for all this.
  2. Usually I don’t watch videos of Mika gigs and I don’t spend my time on Youtube. By chance I found this video of Platform Ballerinas. Even if it is not politically correct I have to say that Drag Queens features are very far from my sense of aesthetic and style. I don’t like vulgarity and exhibitionism and these sides are very intrinsic in Drag Queens. I even don’t like Carnival disguises and fancy dresses. However, and I even can’t believe I am writing about it, I appreciated a lot what happened on stage and I felt joy. There is not vulgarity in this (wo)man. She is so concentred and so serious on her dance that her madness becomes professionality. Every movement and every single gesture is almost perfectly synchronized with the music and with Mika himself, like they made rehearsals for hours. And at the same time everything is spontaneous, especially the reaction and the surprise of Mika who couldn’t imagine to obtain this kind of performance from her. In this performance there is a sense of happines and irony. And I don’t care about the transgression of a man dressed like a vulgar woman. What I see is the noble transgression of the freedom and of the bravery. And, at the end, the pride with which she took off her wig with a blatant gesture is priceless.
  3. Hello! I noticed that there was something in the air here and there... In the article there is not Germany, I hope it is a mistake. Anyway Bolzano is quite near to you, and they speak german!
  4. Hello friends. http://radionbc.it/mika-2-febbraio-in-concerto-bolzano/ This local italian website says something about London and Europe: London 10th November and then other countries. It is not an official website but maybe it is useful. "il Revelation Tour che comincia a Londra il 10 Novembre, per proseguire in Spagna, Francia, Italia, Svizzera, Olanda, Belgio e Lussemburgo."
  5. Dear friends, i can say that i'm almost a neighbor of CasaMika but I did not receive the invitation at his house yesterday evening. Anyway I was lucky to win a place to another house: the house of Chetempochefa that it is in front of Mika’s tv-house. How the new song was nice you could see in the video. I can just add an anecdote. The sound was very good and the totally red singer, with gestures, invited the audience to stand and dance. Anybody got up. Probably because there were very very few fans inside the tv studio. It was a funny and surreal situation because while the totally red singer was performing on that tv studio all his fans (the lucky ones who won the tickets) were bored at his tv-house in the other side of the street, waiting for him for the record of CasaMika.
  6. Happy tenth anniversary to the italian fans who attended the first concert of Mika in Italy.
  7. Happy tenth anniversary to italian fans who, consciously or accidentally, were watching Tv to see Mika for the first time in Italy. Since 3 March 2007 the singer/author of Grace Kelly, broadcasted on all italian radio stations, began to have a face for us all. This happened a lot of years ago and a lot of hairs ago...
  8. Someone has been inspired by the movie La La Land? The poses of the dance are very similar... Today i was in the mood to waste time... copyright of the photomontage: Allegra
  9. It is clear and understandable that the episodes are pre-recorded since Mika was very busy last weeks. I noticed little wrong details in the conversations of previous episodes (Bellucci mentioned on the first tv show even if she was rescheduled on second tv show, a guest of third tv show mentioned even if he did not partecipate). Today three of the announced guests were wrong. And i'm not spoiling anything since the show trailer is already out with all the real guests. It is incredible that anybody at Radio2 tried to correct the mistake, with a cut of the related conversation or with an explanation live. This transmission has lost credibility and it's sad, a shame, because the conversations (not related to the tv show) are very interesting and quite deep, Mika and the radio lady are good togheter and the songs chosen are beautiful. So i hope that failing to correct these mistakes is just negligence caused by carelessness and not a way to have free advertising with big guests even if they renounced to partecipate at the tv show.
  10. Let me say that the sound system was the worst of the tour. Anyway the concert was brilliant and the technical problems (a lot, and lyrics errors too) generated funny and spontaneous reactions by Mika and his band. About band... finally.. after 11 gigs in Italy... he presented his band like he usually has done in the past.
  11. The last gig of italian tour. The gig near Beirut is confirmed.
  12. Finalmente è finito!

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