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  1. Hi, other ebay offers: https://www.ebay.it/itm/355193703791?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=ersehecwt8q&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=cLQz7yUWR_W&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY EUR 173,53 https://www.ebay.it/itm/305284743036?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=tCZUH883TDu&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=cLQz7yUWR_W&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY EUR 100,00 It is not fair to sell something they still don't have...
  2. Dear Deb, hello! There was a genial "coup de théatre" when he arrived in the center of the crowd, he asked to have everybody seated on the grass and he sang two songs from there!
  3. Thank you Mellody, indeed you have my phone number. Anyway I really don’t think speedy people who were connected at 16,00 will give their ticket to the waiting list. Just other general information for everybody, deduced from some official sources in the web and here: - duration: about one hour - in a courtyard, so outside but not visible from the street because there are the walls of the Castle all around - standing on the grass or on the pavement of the courtyard - Sold out!!! But some very few Mfcers will attend
  4. Just a quick note. Waiting list of this app, in this particular case, is a perverse system. There is the possibility that a foreign fan (or an italian fan who lives far) receives a notification with the authorization to reserve the ticket, 2 hours and half before the start of the concert. At this point he has 20 minutes to "purchase" but he has not the time to go to the event!!! Very annoying. If this happens you can choose to renounce to the free "purchasing" or to transfer the ticket to a local fan. But you have to know who is available to go last minute and to know the phone number! https://dicefm.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4409669378449-How-do-I-send-tickets-to-a-friend- I could be available to go there last minute but I don't put my phone number in a public page I prefer the old style pdf tickets, not these stupid apps!!!
  5. I'm sorry, no. I really don't think so. Pianocity doesn't have box offices, because the concerts can be everywhere. There will be just people who check the tickets. And, in this case, there will be the security of the Castle, since it is a museum. It is more possible that few tickets are assigned to the sponsors, since sponsors pay for the free events. Anyway if some Mfcers have got the tickets it means that it is true that it was a question of luck (fast connection, athletic finger, etc).
  6. Anyway... just to tell the truth... also in the past years the tickets were sold out in few minutes... there was not this new APP but another ticket seller. but, in my experience, the tickets were sold fast because sometimes the places were very few: once the places for an house concert were just 5 on the sofa of the pianist, in a tiny apartment!!
  7. The same! At 16.00 already logged and with the stupid app installed. Nothing. I don't believe in that waiting list. Nobody will renounce in advance, if they were so lucky to have the ticket. Bye bye everyone.
  8. Maybe it is described as "very special" because it is like this one:
  9. Thanks. The reservation thing always existed for some locations and situations (house concerts, indoor locations, "private" venues, Covid period). And citizens of Milan were always very reactive in reservation. The only difference is that usually the opening date of the reservation is the same for all the program. Now it seems that tomorrow is just for Mika. Probably he was late to confirm his presence.. who knows? The reservation maybe is because they probably don't want too much crowd. During the day the Castel is open to the public, there is the city museum inside, they dont' want for sure a mass of people there all around. I think it will not be an intimate concert, and not a big one. It should be a medium event.
  10. Hi To tell the truth: Je n'ai pas envie... Especially for the mess of the reservation. But it is free and near, almost an imperative. So I will try for sure to reserve the ticket. It will be "special" because it is the first time for a popstar/songwriter in this Festival. Pianocity usually is strictly for pianists. Also for songwriters but they are more musicians than singers. Anyway, Mellody be proud. Because this Pianocity festival was an idea of a german pianist, Andreas Kern. He invented the project Pianocity Berlin, then he proposed it to Milan and then several European Cities joined. The whole festival is fantastic, piano music everywhere in the city. I attended concerts in the street, in the park, in a boat, in the roof of a building at the sunset in front of Duomo, in a royal Palace, in a old factory on the night, in a museum, in a urban train (tram) and mostly in private houses of the pianists. Lets' see if we manage to go in this Castle.
  11. In the FAQ is written: https://www.pianocitymilano.it/faq?lang=en La durata dei singoli concerti dovrà essere di minimo 45 / massimo 60 minuti. The duration of the individual concerts must be a minimum of 45 / a maximum of 60 minutes.
  12. Hello. In this video you posted there are other locations, not the one of Mika. The location of Mika concert, Castello Sforzesco courtyard, can offer a very intimate and informal placement of the piano, like in this video from a Pianocity of the past (I didnt attend this in particular, there are so many at the same time that you have to make a choice): But they can also set a proper bigger stage. I think Mika concerts will be more or less like this one: let's see
  13. Hi! One of you Mfcers informed me about this event. Before Covid19 I attended this festival every year, full time from Friday to Sunday, running here and there in the city. Pianocity Milano Concerts are always free. The concerts are standing or seating. It depends from the locations. Most of them are standing. Unfortunately the concerts are quite short, about 50 minutes, never more than one hour. A lot of international piano artists plaied here, and always (in my experience) for just one hour. You can verify this also in the program of the Opening Day on Friday. Two concerts with big pianists: one pianist at 21.00, 30 minutes of break and the other at 22.30. This Mika concert is a preview of the Festival. I don't know if the rules are the same! I think so, but I can't be 100% sure. Usually the summer concerts at Castello Sforzesco are in the courtyard but I don't remember this location for the other Pianocity festivals in the past. Usually other classical/jazz concerts here are seating, but probably Mika will be standing. They cancel the event just when it rains a lot. The location is very reachable, with the subway (METRO)
  14. Hi, Assicurazione (Insurance) is a optional service. During the purchase you can choose this service. It is also possible that Ticketone proposes this service in the total amount and you have to eliminate it on purpose before the confirmation of the order, I don't remember since the last ticket I bouht was in February.... I never purchase this kind of insurance because in the terms and conditions you understand that they refund you just if you die or you have a big disease or an explosion at home or a earthquake (just if there are big damages), something absurd like this, they don't refund for common and simple mishaps or a normal flu (no refund also for Coronavirus cancellations!!) They don't refund cancellations by the artist/promoter. https://www.ticketone.it/obj/media/IT-eventim/pdf/it/ticketone_ca_tc_it3.pdf So, unfortunately, your money is lost. You can just try to write an email asking a refund for "right of withdrawal" but i don't think there will be a happy ending. La polizza gode di diritto di recesso come descritto nelle condizioni della stessa consultabili qui, come di seguito riportato (stralcio inserente): ´13. Diritto di recesso Qualora la presente assicurazione non soddisfi le esigenze dell’Assicurato, questi può comunicare a ERGO Assicurazione Viaggi, per iscritto, la propria dichiarazione di recesso entro 10 giorni dalla data di emissione della polizza e/o del pagamento del premio e comunque non oltre la data dell’evento. Per la validità del recesso fa fede la data del timbro postale.´ Per procedere alla richiesta di recesso è necessario inviare una mail a ergoassicurazioneviaggi@legalmail.it. La società ERGO Assicurazione Viaggi, una volta ricevuta la richiesta, ci darà conferma di procedere al rimborso del premio che provvederemo a completare tramite storno sullo strumento di pagamento utilizzato. Next time, if there will be a next time, I suggest not purchase the Assicurazione. About me... next time I will purchase the ticket at the boxoffice of the venue, the same evening of the event
  15. Hi, considering the usual indifference of ticket sellers it is already something positive that they wrote this reply to you. Probably they know that the limited time to ask the refund was not fair. I suggest to reply in the next few days: thank you for your reply.. bla bla... I'm waiting a positive reply... anyway I officially ask again a refund because the date of the event is not yet arrived... and the timing for the refund request was too short, too near your first communication of the cancellation and in a period of holidays... write to them and to: assistenza@friendsandpartners.it it is important that you write before the supposed date of Florence Concert. Then probably you will re-write again and again but it is important that you can show them that you wrote an official request of refund to Ticketmaster and to Friendsandpartners before the event! I think it could be a good strategy. If the deadline to ask the refund was after the date of the show i thing that you don't have any chance to "win", but this deadline before the event is really an abuse. In case of negative result there are several Consumers Associations in Italy https://www.mise.gov.it/index.php/it/mercato-e-consumatori/tutela-del-consumatore/associazioni-dei-consumatori People who don't receive a correct refund should organize something like a "collective action" with the help of these associations. Look for others people in your sitution in social networks, not all Mika "costumers" are in Mika Fan Club. Bonne Chance! I think that Ticketone/Ticketmaster service fees are definitively lost. In the terms and conditions of the ticket is clearly written that they are not refunded in case of cancellation. Unfortunately there is not too much to do.
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