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Me and my friend dreams are trying to win a competition to win Meet and Greet in Trieste.

We are both from different countries and from all gigs in Italy we decided to travel to Trieste, which was truly an amazing choice  :teehee: We both love Mika very much - We've seen him once and we haven't met him yet (and we don't have many opportunities) and it would mean so much for us to meet him....so we decided to try that competition!   :wub: :wub: :wub:


The competition consist in writing a name of his next album - our ideas and what we woud like - and put some story behind it  :) 

We would like to share our story with you and IF you'll like our idea, we would be incredibly happy and grateful if you could give us a "like" on FB :) It's here - Our comment is by Urška Klančar (dreams) and it's between the new ones "Novità"  :)



The story ... We have choosen to use the topic of "Dark and Light" of his songs and use a night and rainbow as a symbols :) There it is:

In English: :uk:

"The rainbow that overcame the night sky"
It represents his music and also his personality.
Usually, rainbows are on clear blue sky – and they are symbol of pure joy and happiness. 
But rainbow on the dark night sky is different. It’s not so visible, not so happy and positive. 
And we can’t see rainbow at the dark very often- it’s miracle to see one!
Mika’s music is like this. It’s bittersweet - A combination of light and dark. Even when the life and your emotions are diffucult and there’s lot of darkness (night), you can see something beautiful and colourful (rainbow). It’s about accepting the fact that the sky is dark… but if you stay positive you can see happiness in it. A beautiful symbol of rainbow.
In Italian:  :italia:
"Un arcobaleno che attraversa il cielo notturno" 
Si tratta di un arcobaleno nello scuro cielo notturno, rappresenta la sua musica e anche la sua personalità.
Di solito, gli arcobaleni sono nel limpido cielo blu - e simboleggiano pura gioia e felicità. Possiamo vederli abbastanza spesso. Ma un arcobaleno nel cielo notturno è diverso. Non è così visibile, neanche così gioioso e positivo.
E non possiamo vedere un arcobaleno nell'oscurità così spesso - è un miracolo vederne uno!
La musica di Mika è così. È agrodolce - una combinazione di luce e oscurità. Anche quando la vita e le tue emozioni sono difficili e c'è tanta oscurità (notte), puoi vedere qualcosa di bellissimo e colorato (arcobaleno). 
Si tratta di accettare il fatto che il cielo è scuro... ma se rimani positivo puoi trovarci la felicità. 
Un bellissimo simbolo di arcobaleno. 
We wanted to share the story with you :) We don't want to persuade you to vote for us, but if you want to help us, we would be so grateful :) I know that in this community are so many nice people and that our MFC family could help us  :thumb_yello:
I can't describe how happy I would be if we could meet Mika... it's truly my dream....  :wub:
Thank you so much for reading this!  :hug:
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Hi :bye: and welcome to MFC Anna . I'm sorry but you are not allowed to open such a thread on MFC. However , we have a "vote for me thread" for that so please post in it 


Alsoo...Can you help me...How can I delete it? :) Once again I'm sorry if it's against rules, I'll put in into "Vote for me"  :hug:

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Alsoo...Can you help me...How can I delete it? :) Once again I'm sorry if it's against rules, I'll put in into "Vote for me"  :hug:

The mods will take care of that, members can not delete threads, but there's a thread where you can ask the mods to delete them 

http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/16616-ask-the-mod-squad/page-142 and I have asked them for you :wink2:

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