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Article about Tour Logistics


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Someone who doesn't want to be identified sent me a German  :shocked:  :shocked:  :shocked:  article about Mika. It's published on a internal website of German Post / Cargo. Since this is open to many many people around the world we agreed that I can share the article here as well.


I can't attach the video for some reason. It's basically pictures of boxes and some people who look like cargo people to me with a Mika-song as background. But it seems that this was something special for the team and I love how excited they sound about it. :wub: 

Sorry for language mistakes. I'm no translator and not familiar with cargo words.  :fisch:




DGF News


Popstar Mika perfectly put on the Scene

Our colleagues of DHL Global Forwarding (DGF) Lebanon who are in charge of fairs and events too took care of perfect logistics for international popstar Mika's appearance. Scheduled was the popstar's gig at the legendary Baalbeck International Festival.


[picture] The British singer songwriter Mika came back to his home country for the legendary Baalbeck International Festival.


Baalbeck is a special place in Lebanon, not only for musicians in general, but for Mika in particular. The temple ruins of Baalbeck that belong to the best-conserved antique ruins of Lebanon are the venue for the annual Baalbeck International Festival with top-class gigs and appearances. The British singer songwriter grew up in Paris and London, but was born to American parents in Beirut. Despite being on worldwide tours alot, he doesn't get the chance to be on stage in his home country that often. All the bigger was this year's run for Baalbeck International Festival that took place for the 60th time. Excited fans swarmed the arena to see Mika live. The DGF-team, led by Rita Abi Mansour who is responsible for air and sea cargo at DGF Lebanon, was in charge of the perfect flow behind the scenes.


At full Throttle, all Around the Clock

For the popstar's concert the 1,5 ton-equipment had to be delivered from the airport 200 km away. „A day before the event everything had arrived. Directly after the gig the equipment got picked up and stowed in the aircraft after we managed the customs clearance at 4am“, Abi Mansour told. Mika and his team seemed impressed. After the successful appearance the tour manager personally thanked Abi Mansour. „It was a pleasure to meet you, Rita“, Mark Edwards wrote. „Not only you're extraordinarily nice, but you supported us at the same first-class and professional level that we're used to from other parts of the world – at least! It's great fun to co-operate with people who actual care about their work and do it well.“

You can see how DGF Lebanon supported popstar Mika at his top performance in this video.


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