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Hi everybody


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Hi everyone! I'm a college student at UC Berkeley in California. I heard "Grace Kelly" playing on the myspace profile of Chris Parker, who used to be Spencer Moon on EastEnders ... And then one thing led to another, I fell in love with "Billy Brown" when I heard it, read all the articles about Mika I could find, kept playing his songs on his myspace page, marveled over the cute animation stuff, saw an interview with him on YouTube, etc. etc.


So now I've joined up here! Hello. I'm not usually much of a music lover at all, so that tells you how much I've been affected already by his music and his "stories."


I'm still pretty confused whether the album will release in the US or not? I saw some press release saying it would release here in March, but didn't see it mentioned anywhere else.

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Don't BBC America show Eastenders over there?


Or is it like how Neighbours is to us, where we get it about half a year late and Christmas ends up in July


Ahh, so we export Eastenders to America and they export The OC to us, sounds like a fair exchange to me :wink2::roftl:

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Thanks for the welcome, and for fixing the title!


Yeah, BBC America showed EastEnders at one point (but stopped in 2003), and they were only a few weeks behind. Also some of the local public television stations show it too, but they are waaay waay behind, like 5 years. Also recent episodes are still available pay-per-view on the Dish satellite network, but I don't have the money for that. Funnily enough I've never watched The OC, but I guess you like it huh? :)


Getting back to Mika, can anyone clarify on the US album situation?

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Hi all, I am new to the site - frst saw meeka on jools holland and was immediately blown away! He is so talented and the song grace kelly is a really uplifting number - it was hard to get hold of info on him at first but it seems to be coming thick and fast now! He was fab doig the live set on Radio 2 this weekend too - I am so happy to have this new talent in my world!

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