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MTV: Mika and Just Jack Battle for No 1! / Who Is Mika?

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The Grace Kelly and Starz In Their Eyes men are locked at the top spot...



Watch today's MTV News bulletins...



Two of MTV.co.uk's top tips for 2007 are battling it out for this week's No 1.


Mika is currently sitting pretty at the top after selling almost 8,000 copies of 'Grace Kelly' (a week before it's available in shops) so far this week, while Just Jack is not far behind selling over 7300 copies of 'Starz In Their Eyes'.


And Scots band The View also look set for a high new entry. Their jangly new tune 'Same Jeans' (which reminds us of Cornershop's 'Brimful Of Asha') looks set to land a No 3 spot according to our midweek figures.


For more on Mika and Just Jack read our exclusive interviews with the boys.


To watch the latest MTV News bulletins in Overdrive, click on the link above...







Remember the buzz around Lily Allen before she became a household name? Mika could be the male version…


Classically trained musician Mika (pronounce Meeka) is being touted as the next big thing before he’s even released a tune. The 23-year-old London-based dude’s tunes are big, funny, orchestral and poppy - we see him in the same vein as Scissor Sisters or Lily Allen… You read it here first!


So another male singer/song-writer?

I don’t say I’m a singer/songwriter because I don’t sit at my piano and moan – my thing is creating huge sounding pop records. My music reminds people of artists from the 80s and 90s.


Where’s the accent from?

Well, I’ve lived in London since I was 9, but I was born in Lebanon in 1983. I left there as a baby because of the war and lived in Paris for 8 years. My accent changes all the time but my parents were taught English in an American accent which I’ve picked up on.


Tell us about the first single 'Take It Easy/Billy Brown'…

It’s a little teaser single coming out on limited release on October 2. We started the ball rolling slowing but Scott Mills on Radio 1 made it his Record of the Week recently.


And 'Billy Brown' is about a bloke who leaves his wife for another man?

You can tell stories in a pop song that aren’t the norm…Although maybe this song might encourage lots more Billy Browns to come out.


There’s more than a touch of the Queen and the Scissor Sisters about your music, would you agree?

Freddie Mercury: I take that as the highest praise. Scissor Sisters: Great, everyone loves them. As long as people don’t start comparing me to Danny La Rue I’ll be happy.


Who floats your boat musically?

Prince, and anyone who makes records who can’t be done by anyone else - non-karaoke records. Michael Jackson and Beck both make records like that as well.


You’ve already been described by Music Week mag as the “next 21st Century superstarâ€Â. Are you?

Are you serious? That’s amazing. I’m honoured. But of course, I have to say I am! 2007 will be mine.


Fair enough. Anything else you want to get off your chest?

Yes, what this fascination with grey clothes we've got at the moment? London's dull enough as it is in Winter - bring on the colour.

To watch the latest MTV News bulletins in Overdrive, click on the link above...



From: MTV


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Thanks. His first single is a number one hit. That's pretty impressive.

are they going to push forward the release date of the single and album?

they've got all the hype they need - there's really no reason to wait any longer.


For selfish reasons I don't want him to become as popular as Robbie Williams.


lol @ mika's last comment. Bring on the color!

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