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Just joined the forums and popping in to say hallo. Grouchy old dad of two, pretty broad musical tastes




Sunny suggested telling a bit about myself, how I foun dout about Mika etc.


I'm a grouchy old dad of two, pretty broad musical tastes. Enjoy all sorts, from Abba and The Beatles to Yoko Ono and ZZTop. Mainly listen to, well, anything with good lyrics and a catchy tune :)


First heard Mika on Radio Scotland and thought "Now that's different...", heard Grace Kelly a couple of times and thought "Yeah, makes a change from the usual 'stuff'" so went off to find a download.


and eventually tha tled to me beinghere saying "hallo" and stuff.


Eldest is a big Queen fan (but we've not to tell her emo pals that or they'll kick her out of the moody squad) and loves Mika's voice.


:thumb_yello: Congrats on the #1, btw. Many more to come I hope.

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