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Got my B'ham tickets!


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I've done some pics of the tickets :blush-anim-cl: because I'm paranoid. Can someone else with B'ham tickets tell me if they look genuine. Or anyone else.


Thanks :blush-anim-cl:








Hope it's ok to post these pics... :blink:

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I'm sure that these are fine. We ordered tickets for Birmingham direct from Ticket Web. They look exactly like these and serial numbers on the back are very close. :thumb_yello:


I do know how worrying it can be to buy tickets off eBay. I bought tickets for The Feeling at the end of last year on eBbay and first off was worried that they wouldn't arrive and then that they would be forgeries and we wouldn't be let in. Everything was fine ... and the concert was great!


So try not to worry, I'm sure they are fine. Hope you didn't have to pay too much for them. I've seen how much these have been going for. If they go up much higher I will have to hide our tickets in case my other-half decides to sell them :mad:

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I presume the serial numbers on the back vary slightly on each ticket? Is this ok or arethey meant to be the same? :blush-anim-cl:


Sorry Chloe, the info about serial numbers being close was meant to reassure you not worry you.


Each ticket will have a different serial number on the back. The fact that the serial numbers on the back of your tickets are close in number to those on mine should indicate that they were sold around the same date. Since tickets for Birmingahm sold out in a short space of time this would help to indicate that they are genuine tickets.


I know it's difficult but I really wouldn't worry. Just look forward to the gig.


P.S. Don't forget to take ID with you.

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I will take ID yes I'm 16 but I look about 10 :blink:


I know it doesn't seem it now, but one day, believe me, you really will be pleased when people mistake you for being 6 years younger!


Perhaps we'll see you there ... I shall look out for the 10 year old and her mum (is it still your mum you're going with?)! We'll be the 4 thirty-somethings behaving like we're 10:wink2:


I can't wait:biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

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