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Hello, sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place... darn computers...


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Hello! I was 'doing coursework' and found my myspace add from the mika fanclub and since i've had the album on repeat all day since buying it, it's made me very happy and more interested to come here!


I heard mika aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago on radio 2, well my dad did anyway and he was like 'hey listen to this guy, he's only 23, he's your thing!' so I did and loved it, so then I searched iTunes and couldnt find him anywhere then he became really popular and I downloaded a load of stuff by him and now I'm such a huge huge fan!


I like mika because i find him so so so talented and such an inspriration as I want to go down the same path that he has (kind of)


But anyway thanks for reading this essay!! hahaha



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